All the Bevs for #ThirstyThursday! #TheFitChallenge

I’m a big fan of the beverage buffet. I tend to work on multiple drinks at the same time. Water, constantly. Kombucha, wine, coffee, green juice, smoothies… All the beverages all day long!

idealfit asks us today for the #IdealFitSummer #TheFitChallenge, “What are you sippin’ on to keep you moving and grooving all day long?”

  • WATER! No, I don’t live at 9,600′ elevation anymore. But I sweat pretty much all day long. So staying hydrated is key to keep performing! I always carry a water bottle with me, usually my huge Nalgene. Lugging it around all day reminds me to keep drinking! I also love my Nathan’s handheld water bottle for running, which also has a pocket big enough for my iPhone 6.


  • COFFEE! All. The. Coffee. … I’m now officially a coffee addict. What used to be a necessary evil to help with studying in college became a pleasure while living in Spain and has now become a necessary pleasure. I tend to sip on coffee all day long. Cold brew, lattes, pour over, you name it and I love it. Furthermore, Portland has ruined me forever for yummy coffee. So now I’m a coffee addict and a coffee snob.











  • SPARKLY MOCKTAILS AND KOMBUCHA I LOVE sparkling mocktails! They’re so refreshing after getting my sweat on or on a hot summer afternoon. One of my favorites is at a local Portland favorite spot: Luc Lac. This Vietnamese eatery (omg, the pho, though) has a Coconut Gingerale. Yeah, way delicious. A great at-home mocktail I’ve been making is simply 1/3 juice of CORE Organic with sparkling water. I’ve also totally jumped on board the kombucha train! Now that I’ve acquired the taste, I love this stuff! AND it helps digestion!

















Here’s a mocktail I’m dying to try, from the ever creative Nicci! Mix IdealShape IdealBoost (Pineapple Strawberry Flavor), 6 slices of cucumber, a handful of berries, 12oz water (I vote sparkling!), and ice. It gives you a little caffeine boost and refreshes you on a hot summer day!



  • SMOOTHIES Such a great and yummy way to get some nutrients on the go! I’m a huge fan of getting greens and some energy in quick and easy like this way. It’s amazing how filling they can be!


I can’t wait to try Jamie‘s Creamsicle Smoothie with IdealShape IdealBoost Raspberry Lemon, a banana, and ice. To make more hearty, I’d want to add some almond milk too!


  • WINE Soothing and relaxing, or exciting and social. Crisp and refreshing, or rich and complex. Wine can do it all. I love going out with girlfriends for wine, savoring a glass over a delicious meal, or nursing one after a long day.



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What are you sippin’ on, sweaties? Have any smoothie recipe recommendations for me? Cheers!

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by idealfit. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community. 

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