Farewell Tour of Portland

A few weeks ago we began a long goodbye for Caitlin. My bestie. My roomie. My heterosexual life partner.

I say long because after living here for 4 years, we had quite the list of things to do, places to go, people to see before she could leave. It was a bit of a farewell tour for me as well as I haven’t lived in Portland without Caitlin! It seriously is the end of an era. I think we hit most of the important spots, minus the hiking we wish we’d been able to fit in, but I think we did our city proud:

March 15, 2018: Flow n’ Glow + Sip ‘n Sweat: We had our last dance rave yoga class of the season, and then migrated over to The Rambler for drinks on the patio.


March 17, 2018: Saturday class with the crew

The real packing begins…

We kicked the goodbye party off with dinner at Accanto, our neighborhood restaurant, with just the two of us.


Going away party at Victoria, of course! We might have hogged the photo booth all night, which is pretty standard for our crew. We also snuck in a little dancing at 1905 at the end of the night.

March 20, 2018: Taco Tuesday + Eb & Bean with Robyn and Marc (and Daisy!).

March 24, 2018: More packing, with a side of shenanigans

What 6 hours of packing looks like… #endofanera

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Make sure your sound is on! Trust me… 😉 

Our last full weekend together was interesting as I was sick and moved my bed over to my new house. So hot toddies replaced wine, and our slumber parties were cancelled. But we still managed to fit in our amazing normal weekend routine amidst all the packing and moving: Saturday morning yoga, coffee at Locale, drinks at Accanto, Sunday morning yoga, brunch at Eisenhower Bagelhouse, walk through the neighborhood to Poke Mon for dinner, snuggles while watching Sex and the City.

Swipe for more…

March 29, 2018: For our second-to-last night, we hit our favorite neighborhood duo: curry at PaaDee followed by cannolis at Accanto.


March 30, 2018: On her last day, we took noon class with Ian at Flex & Flow together.

For Caitlin’s last night in Portland, we tried to go to our favorite restaurant Ox. But it’s one of those places that doesn’t take reservations, and we got there 15 minutes after they opened. Meaning there was already an hour and a half wait for two people. So we walked around the corner to Toro Bravo, one of the best restaurants in Portland, though I’d never been there. Oh ma goodness it was delicious!

We then met the crew at Box Social for one last group drink.

March 31, 2018: After slumber partying it up at my house, Caitlin and I went to Jam for a quick brunch.

We said goodbye to our wood-paneled wall.

Then we packed up her car, went over to our neighborhood coffee shop to get her caffeinated for her road trip to Idaho.

And then it was ugly-face crying on Hawthorne for us.

My relationship with Caits transcends friendship and roommates. We quite literally did everything together. We’ve hiked all over the PNW, been to almost every bougie restaurant in the city, she introduced me to almost all of my now favorite bands that toured through Portland… We made the absolute most of our three years here in Portland together.

I think one of the things I had to keep reminding myself throughout this transition is that Caitlin and I have three upcoming trips already planned in the next few months. And she’s coming back for work already next week after we get back from Vegas. So for at least the next little while, it’s almost like she’s on a long trip and traveling a lot for work…

And now? I’ll see you in Vegas on Friday, bb!

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