#Flashback Friday Five

Last week I celebrated my one year anniversary with Sweat Pink! I can’t even believe how quickly the year has gone by and how much amazingness we’ve packed into it! I’ve learned SO much and have loved every minute of my time with this amazing group of people. I’m constantly inspired and challenged by Jamie and Alyse, while also having just the best time with them! For them to have taken a chance on me, to believe in me, and through that I’ve connected with the Sweat Pink community and helped build the Flex & Flow community… I lack the words to express how much it means to me.


So now we flashback to five of my favorite “moments” of my last year with the Sweat Pink community!


This was my first fitness conference, blogger conference, and time traveling with my work crew. It was also the first time I got to hang with Alyse face-to-face. I got to meet quite a few of our awesome ambassadors for the first time, watch the experts (Jamie and Alyse) in action, and be (kind of) on my old stomping grounds in Denver.











This week was NO JOKE! Co-hosting this conference in LA with IDEA Fit as a part of IDEAWorld meant we were constantly on the go. Moving from prepping prizes to workout sessions, from repping Sweat Pink in our own booth in the expo hall to attending panels on SEO, from Twitter party snack breaks to breaking it down at the dance party. It was a “weekend” full of learning, sweating, selfies, and fun!

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Meeting Gabby Reece

The cherry on top of the BlogFest sundae was working out with and meeting Gabby Reece! As a mother, wife, entrepreneur, athlete, she was an inspiration to us all! I loved going over to her workout booth (HIGHX) in the expo hall. She was sitting on a workout block and I just walked over and we started chatting. She was so down-to-earth and nice!

“I think that acceptance is a really huge part of life.”

“We all have high cards and low cards. You have to learn what your high cards are and how to play them.”

“I don’t want to lose health in order to appreciate it. [I don’t train for sport anymore, I] train for life.”










Bootcamp and Workout / Running Buddies

I haven’t been to bootcamps or trainings like this since I played field hockey in high school and college. These workout sessions are no joke kick-butt! Sprints, jump squats, box jumps, core, push-ups, burpees, more core, and maybe more sprints… Whew! It’s also great having running buddies again! I love getting to explore new routes, challenge my pace/distance, and to chat a bit while running.

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Flex & Flow

This one’s the biggie. When I first interviewed with Jamie, I knew a studio space was a possibility. And now it’s here! After weeks/months of painting and DIY-ing, pinning for design ideas, furniture shopping, teacher auditioning, and tons of other planning and laborious tasks, FFY is alive and thriving! The community we’ve built is so incredible, from the awesome teachers I’ve come to love to the new students constantly coming through the door looking for a sweat and a good time.

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See what I mean? SO much has happened in just one year. I can’t wait to see what the next brings my way!

You can Sweat Pink too! Apply to become a Sweat Pink ambassador here to join the community. And come get your sweat on at our studio in north Portland: Flex & Flow!


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