Happy birthday, Caitlin!

It’s your birthday, and all eyes are on you!

You are special. When you’re in the room, literally and figuratively, you absolutely light it up. Your wit, your intelligence, your badassery, your music knowledge, your ultimate bougie status… They are only facets of why you are so loved.

Even though you have left broken hearts behind in Phili, LA, and Portland, and are now conquering Chicago…

… a lot of those broken hearts are here (and “here” right now in Las Vegas with you) to send you love and wish you the happiest of birthdays on the start of what we know will be the best decade for you yet!

Happy birthday, Catie / Caitlin / Caits! We love you so very much.


Huck Finn and Jim Down Under


Caitie is one of favorite people in the whole world. She’s so special to me and will always have a place in my heart no matter how far away she is. I hope that this 3rd decade is the best one yet and she continues to be the star that she is. Love that girl ❤❤


Happy birthday to the girl who I once famously said is only different from a famous comedian because she lacks ambition. Portland just isn’t as hilarious without you! – Burgerpdx in the flesh.


Happy 30th to the sweetest angel baby I know! Meeting you on the palm-lined streets of Santa Monica was truly a gift! Caitlin, you are one of the smartest, sassiest, and outspoken ladies I know. You are my favorite LA transplant— and that means something. I am never worried about what we will eat, who we will meet, or what we will drink when we make plans. Here’s to many more Philly trips, LA outings, and adventures wherever our paths may take us.

Dani (and Nikki, Lauren, and Ruby)


Happy birthday to the trillest girl I know. Portland sure hasn’t been the same without you – and while I hate admit it, Casey was right – without you here, we’re all just running out of things to talk about. Personally, I don’t know where to turn anymore for movie reccos (and celebrity schooling), John Mayer updates, and of course all the best laughs. We hope this decade is ready for you – welcome to the old person club 🙂 – we love you and can’t wait to see your angel face soon!

Kelsey S.

Happy big 3-0 Caitlin! So glad I was lucky enough to meet you in PDX and become friends. Thanks for teaching me about a million pop culture references in the past year but MOSTLY, thanks for following me back on Instagram. Hope you have the best time in Vegas. I hope you get to meet Elton somehow. I’ll hope for it on the prayer wheels in Nepal to increase your chances. ❤️ and miss you!


HBD, a bu.



Happy birthday my little angel!
I’m so sad I can’t be with you to celebrate in Vegas this weekend. I’m so thankful to have you in my life. I will never forget our UCLA memories and all the fun we had. I love you way too much.

Liz R

I cannot come up with the words that accurately represent Caitlin for her birthday! Therefor I will (naturally) use a John Mayer tweet: ” Life is a beautiful thing. Pack a bag, make a playlist. Watch the world. Don’t speak. Just listen.”

Liz W.

The grits to my shrimp. The crook to my nanny. The “lin” to my “eliz.” I could ask for no better partner with whom to do crime. From couch dancing and binging all the shows, to exploring far off forests and our very own city, you make everything more fun. More memorable. I’m so excited to celebrate this weekend with you, to see your love Elton perform all of the songs I’ve heard on repeat for over three years. Living with you, sharing #oursingularlife, has been the greatest joy for me. Next stop for Elizalin? Exploring the world! At least until our compound is ready for us to move in…

Happy birthday, my love! xoxo, Liiiiiiiiiiiiz

Mom & Dad

You’ve packed a lot of life into the last 30 years! We always knew that the “toddler from hell” would grow up to be a badass woman to be reckoned with. Much love to you now and always on reaching this milestone birthday! Keep living life beautifully!! Mom & Dad💕


Here’s a pic from the first time I met her in Dallas. Stopped by the JFK memorial after a long night of drinking, dancing, and electric campfire jamming with our colleagues. I went to take a pic of the memorial and she walks right in front and plops down…and that’s the only pic I was able to get! 😂

Happy birthday, Caitlin!


Dearest Caitlin,
L.A. lady, you might not marry a music man, but you’re married to the music and that’s what matters.
I laugh harder when you’re around ( we all do) and I’m so happy to have you in my life. I know our friendship will be timeless and I cherish that. Love, love, love you, and miss you in Portland, but know we may end up close in proximity one day soon.
It’s only right you celebrate your birthday with loved ones and Elton. And I’m glad I get to be a part of it. Have the best birthday – you’re definitely setting the bar high for this amazing next decade.


Happy birthday, my sweet. Here’s to thirty and endless adventures for decades to come. Love you most, Rachel



Caits!!! Happy DIRTY THIRTY!! I hope the moments are as great as the memories and you dance your ass off in a sequined outfit to Elton John. I miss your dramatic sneezes, being in “the room,” and general awesomeness every damn day. Our PDX lives just aren’t as funny without you. Love you much!!!!!!!!


There are not enough words to capture the joy I feel in wishing you a happy 30th! I began my life with you, from diapers, to bowl cuts, to family gatherings, to Sesame place summers, and knocking down the Xmas tree winters. Life continued in adulthood and brought us to travel, attend concerts, and live together. It even brought you to stand by my side on the most important day of my life. For which I will be forever grateful. It has been a beautiful journey and I hope the road of head for you is as promising and breathtaking as the years have been since 1988. My angel baby, I wish you the most perfect birthday and cannot wait to share it with you. Continue to go your own way with each  passing day. All my love, T

Ps 5 more weeks until my birthday

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