It’s her birthday, AND she rocks the hell out of overalls?!

I remember sitting down at the bagel house to interview this adorable, curly haired, sweet girl as we were building out Flex & Flow. I knew immediately that I liked her, but I had no way of knowing how important, how absolutely integral to my life, she would become to me.

I’m lucky enough that I have quite a few people in my life that I can do everything with: have fun, talk about serious life issues, turn to when shit is hitting the fan, fart in front of and talk about embarrassing things… Nicci is one of these amazing people!

A running buddy.

It’s hard to believe that she didn’t run that much when we met, because we run together all the time now! We tend to be on the same page with our runs (aka, chasing after Jamie, Abbie, and Robyn together). A few weeks ago I was late to run club after not being able to cross the river in Portland. She waited to run with me, letting the rest of the group go ahead. Just LOVE running with her!

Yogi love.

It’s stating the obvious for me to say that we love doing yoga together. A lot.

Work wife.

I have a lot of inspiring work wives (5 to be exact (we are a team of 6 awesome women, hehe)), but with three of us in Portland together, we get to have work dates together a lot. Meeting at coffee shops to work always helps motivate to GSD. I’m also lucky enough to get to work on a lot of projects with her.

Fashion inspiration.

I mean, I don’t know many people that can rock overalls and a top knot the way this girl can… Not to mention the way she rocks crop tops and jorts!

Travel buddy.

I’ve gotten to travel all over the west coast with this girl, and it’s always a blast! Snack on snack on snacks, run adventures, #stopdropandyoga breaks (even random roadside ones, and then our friends drive by us and catch us in the act)…

From Seattle and Bend to LA and Sonoma…

Even in her angsty teenager moments (sitting in the backseat on her phone), we love her!

Plus she always snaps the funniest photos of Jamie and me sleeping!

Adventure day buddy.

We love taking time off by stripping down and getting in the sun by the water! And snuggling puppies.

Toast. And cheersing.

From french fries and beer to avocado toast and coffee, she’s always up for grabbing something delicious! When we first met, she was vegan. A few months of watching Jamie and me devour cheese and ice cream on our dates changed her mind, thank goodness. Plus that night with the brie…

Dance party buddy.

Dance party, foal roller battle. Potato, poe-tah-toe.


It’s always good to have people in your life you can be plain silly with…


I’m so bummed I’m not in Portland to celebrate with her right now. But I promised I’d tackle her when we reunite in Las Vegas next week. We do have a history of tackles!


I’m definitely not the only one that loves Nicci…

Happy Birthday, Nic! Hope your day is filled with popcorn, honey mamas, and French fries. Thanks for always being up for adventures and snacks– love you! – Robyn

Happy Birthday, Nicci! You are a ray of encouraging sunshine sunshine and positive vibes and always determine to push and sweat a little more. So glad I met you! Have a great day xx – Emma

Happy Birthday, Nic! My favorite braided, overall-wearing friend – you are one of the kindest, warmest humans I know, and an absolutely mistress of leg torture on gliders. Glider torture notwithstanding, I am so happy that we are friends and have gotten to know each other these past two years. May our shared love of paprika and friendship continue for the years to come! Have a wonderful day! – Tasha

Happy birthday to the only person I know who can rock overalls every day no matter what. Your smiling face makes HIIT yoga and hilly trails runs more fun and I’m so happy to call you a friend. I hope you have the best day filled with ice cream and cider (and more cherries?) because you deserve it!  – Kelsey

She always has a smile on her face even when she is sneakily making everyone sweat in her class! – Elizabeth

Sweat Pink LOVE!

Happy birthday to my favorite yogi in overalls! Thanks for being a total rockstar (and babe!) on our Fit Approach team!! Wishing you a day filled with all the yoga, smoothies, cold brew, and nature your heart desires! Can’t wait to celebrate with you at BlogFest! – Courtney

Nic! Happy happy birthday! Thank you for being the most mermazing, dirty-dolphin dancing, sweat pink and flex & flow sister! Can’t wait to celebrate with you in Vegas, Vegas-style. (Um, what? I don’t know. We’ll find out). May this be the BEST birthday ever! – Alyse

Happy Birthday, Nicci! I hope your day is filled with all the sweat, smiles, rosé, and chocolate a girl can dream of. You are such an integral part of the Fit Approach team, and I’m so thankful to work with you on exciting campaigns, HIIT Yoga, events, and beyond. You are basically my left and right hand, and keep the strategy moving forward. Thank you for your constant dedication + heart & brain power that moves the #sweatpink community forward, onward, and upward. In addition to being an amazing business partner, you are an incredible human being. You are always so thoughtful and positive; your personality and presence radiates good vibes everywhere you are (even through the phone!)! Basically, you are a unicorn in human form. Thank you, thank you! Happy birthday queen, Nic! xo. Becky

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  1. OH MY GOSH I’M CRYING RIGHT NOW. This is truly so amazing. I’m feeling the love so hard right now. I love love love you so much – and all those boomerangs YESSS! You mean the world to me and I’m so grateful to have you in my life. I miss you face so much! Can’t wait to see you in one week!!

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