Paving the Way for Girl Power! #paveparagirl

Girl power is at an all-time high in my world right now!

  • Jamie is back from Bali, where she continued to kick butt, and had completely dived back into her world here with incredible energy! Jet lag, say what now? Our GSD sessions in the last 10 days (AND our hugs!) have been FIRE!
  • Alyse continues to balance motherhood and lady bossing in ways that always amaze me!
  • Becky‘s level of organization is awe-worthy. She rocks out all of the amazing things we have going at Sweat Pink headquarters while preparing for her first round of exams in law school.
  • Nicci and I work side-by-side on most things. She helps keep my sanity and my creativity intact. While Jamie was gone last month, we rocked out running the studio, worked multiple campaigns, and were surrogate dog moms to Abbie the Vizsla! (I can officially say it now that she’s back and I won’t jinx it! Everyone survived and nothing burned down!)
  • Caitlin always amazes me! The best partner-in-crime a girl could ask for: Andy Warhol exhibits, delicious dinners, hiking and yoga, researching candidates on our ballots… Oh, and she cures cancer for a living!
  • Without getting political, I’ve loved the energy this past week of women coming together, comforting each other, and recognizing their power! Fellow teachers, students, friends, coworkers, baristas… We are woman, hear us roar!


Even beyond the women in my immediate circle, it’s all about girl power and supporting those who build women up!

Jamie brought back bracelets for us and the studio from Cambodia, where she met Rany Som, the owner of the local jewelry company, Graines de Cambodge. These bracelets are hand-crafted with local and sustainable seeds by women, and in support of women.



I’m also so excited to be working with Pavepara, a clothing company by women and for women!

“My objective is to fulfill a growing need for women like me to have clothing that moves from yoga to, the trail, to relaxation — effortlessly.”


Chance, the owner of the company created the name from Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi,” about our society “paving paradise.” She wants to reverse all of this negative energy while creating community gardens in parking lots and clothing women in pieces that are “dedicated to purpose.”

I love wearing clothes that enable me to maintain an active lifestyle, that let me #stopdropandyoga at a moment’s notice, go for a quick run when I have 30 minutes between appointments, roll around in the park with puppies… And Pavepara‘s clothes and mission help me do that!

Canyon Wren Drape-Neck Tank


I always love a drapey tank! It’s a style that’s great to practice in and then head to happy hour. AND, it’s long enough to wear over leggings.

Talons Leg Warmers


I LOVE that leg warmers are back in style. Maybe it’s just that I’m a yoga teacher and am always in leggings and boots. Or maybe it’s that I used to live in a ski town and was layered up to the gills all the time. But whatever the reason is, I’m running with it! These leg warmers with the stirrup foot are perfect for layering under boots and then hit the mat straightaway. The upper cuff helps keep it in place, plus adds a great color blocking detail.

Aula Arm Warmers


Pavepara also included some wing warmers in my package! For someone who sweats as much as I do, they’re perfect for staying warm while starting out on the mat, and easy to strip off as I warm up. I’m also excited to take them hiking! When on my NOLS backpacking course in college, our instructors really had to fight to get us to de-layer before starting out hiking. As chilly as the mornings were, they knew we’d warm up within the first half hour and would need to stop to take fleeces off. (They were always right. We always warmed up and started sweating in no time!) These arm warmers will be perfect to stay warm and easy to strip off without having to stop hiking!

Shop the Pavepara line at and receive 30% off with the code SWEATPINKLOVE!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Pavepara. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community!

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  1. Girl power all the way! Thank you for all that you do! Your strength physically and mentally is forever an inspiration to me!!

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