Sparkling While Detoxing! #SparklingDetox

We’re already changing seasons up here in Portland. We’ll still have some steamy, sunny summer days, for sure. It’s currently 90 and sunny, but just 2 weeks ago I was bundled up in a sweater and scarf watching a steady drizzle come down outside the coffee shop. Season changes and fickle weather is exhausting. Changing out wardrobes, leaving the house in jackets and boots only to strip down by midday to take in the sunshine, switching up workouts… I’ve found having a regular routine can really help keep me grounded in these times of transition.


Part of my regular routine is actually quite a bit of irregularity! A few of my classes are regular each week, and some are rotating. I have two-three shifts at lululemon a week, but the days and times vary. I run multiple times a week, but switch it up depending on the weather and how my body is feeling. I take a ton of yoga, but try to switch up the classes I attend. And also fitting in other workouts outside and in the gym. So in reality, my lack of routine is my routine. Running, yoga, work, friend time. It all happens, but the schedule is always changing.

A weekday could even include a mountainous SUP adventure!

What helps me stay grounded and energized at the same time are those moments I take to recharge. Watching a movie, reading a book, trail running, taking a yoga class. Those moments to decompress. One of my favorite ways to relax in the summer is sit in the sunshine with a good book. I’ve gotten into the habit of late to sit on my patio to read with a glass of refreshing sparkling water. I love adding in a wedge of lemon or splash of juice. It gives me a great boost without having to resort to caffeine!


With such a busy schedule, I’ve turned to coffee. A lot. Even as I’m writing this, I have a cup of coffee at one hand, and my water bottle at my other. Guess which beverage I’m reaching for the most?…


This isn’t the habit I want to be in. I’m excited to try to wean myself off such a high coffee intake and put a higher emphasis on drinking water! I’m so excited to be joining in on the Fit Approach and Gerolsteiner partnership! Gerolsteiner is hosting #SparklingDetox from September 12-16. 5 days of drinking delicious mineral water while getting awesome nutritional tips and fitness exercises from Ariane Hundt. Join the Facebook group to get all the updates!


They even have a giveaway, where 300 lucky winners can win their own supply of Gerolsteiner for the Sparkling Detox Challenge. This giveaway ends on August 31. So enter here to get a chance to win.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Gerolsteiner. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.

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