The stoke level is rising

I leave for Las Vegas for BlogFest tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s that time already. It’s going to be quite a switch for me, coming from a month of being in a bikini at the beach to a fitness conference in Vegas.

From quiet beach walks, sandy yoga sessions, bikinis, family time…
… to Vegas and BlogFest! Dancing, spandex, ENERGY, and maybe dressing up a night or two.

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, enjoying some restoration, self care, and lots of family time. Conference is all about upbeat energy, sweat, and FUN! To help me amp up for this energetic switch, I’m getting so excited about a couple of things waiting for me in Vegas!

Carrying out traditions

We’ve developed a couple of traditions over the last two years of conferencing that I’m excited to carry on this year. I love “then and now” pictures!

Todd Durkin’s keynote speech

The keynote speeches are always so inspiring! Two years ago Gabby Reece rocked our worlds, and last year Jenna Wolfe followed suit. If his goal setting tells us anything, I can only imagine the gems Todd Durkin is going to have for us this year!


I can’t wait to reunite with my loves! Only one day now!

The pounce is going to be legendary, I tell you!

Reunion take two, three, four…

It’s always so much fun getting together with members of our community, IRL!!!


We always coordinate our outfits as a team. #unicornsquad FTW!

This year the Sweat Pink team will be twinning it up in some awesome prAna outfits!

Booth shenanigans

The Sweat Pink booth always brings the noise!

I totally won this dance battle!
Drop it like a squat all over that Twister board!


We love to dance! Sometimes it happens at official Zumba and Bollywood workout classes, sometimes it’s just because it feels right to shake our booties. (PS, Jamie looooooooves Zumba!)

Vegas shenanigans?

No matter where we are, LA, Indianapolis, Sonoma, we always have the best time!

We always fit in some fun run-plorations.
We find the best art.
Always grabbin’ the booty…

Vegas, baby! 

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