The weekend of 10.5 hours of yoga

What does 10.5 hours of yoga in a weekend look like? Voilà!

Friday: 4:30-5:30 Power Vinyasa with Justine

We had so much fun getting hot and sweaty together in a flow led by our love Justine visiting from San Francisco. And then trying to coordinate a yoga picture with all of us proved … difficult.


Friday 6-7:30 Advanced Sequencing with Justine

We got to delve into the nitty gritty of some difficult sequences and advanced postures.

FullSizeRender (11)
Titibasana press up proved totally doable!

By the end we were totally wiped! Rosé, birthday cupcakes, and puppy snuggles was enough to take it out of a girl, and a puppy!


Saturday 9:30-10:45 Power Vinaysa with Justine

We had a rocking class at Flex & Flow led by Justine! Caitlin came with me for her first vinyasa class, a fellow Sweat Pink sister Sarah was in town, and so many of my #flexandflow loves were there! Such a great morning!


Caitlin and I then went on a hike, and so of course we had to have some #stopdropandyoga time!


Sunday 9:30-10:45 my Power Vinyasa class

Sunday 12-2 Photo shoot with Kate Daigneault

Shooting with Kate was SO much fun! Jamie, Nicci, Daniel and I had a blast!



Sunday 7-8 Active Restoration with Nicci

This Sunday evening class has turned into a weekly date for Caitlin and I! Such a great way to chill out on Sunday night!


Monday 3-5 Photo shoot with Stark Photography for EP Yoga Designs

always love shooting with Daniel and Lindsey!


My body is sore, but my heart is so happy!

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