Two Worlds Collide, in Vegas

In one week from today, BlogFest 2017 kicks off in Las Vegas!

I simply can’t believe it’s that time again. It feels like we were just in LA for last year’s conference. With our amazing photo booth, protein shake shenanigans, DTLA run-ventures, so much sweat…

I had to start thinking about my packing for BlogFest early and very strategically. I’ve been away from Portland for almost a month now. I had to pack for a wedding, the beach, sitting in air conditioning for long periods of time, and BlogFest. Whew.

It was quite the packing process. I basically did my laundry (which had gotten piled up (imagine heaps of sweaty spandex) next to a hamper full of clean clothes) while I weeded through and purged my closets. As I went through everything I made piles of everything I thought I might need. And then narrowed it down to essentials and then whatever else would fit in my duffle.

Amidst all of the spring cleaning and organizing mayhem, I made sure that I included some key items for my trip and BlogFest:

(Not yet sweaty) Spandex

Even in the summer, spandex is an integral part of my wardrobe. No matter the time of year, I only do yoga in full-length pants (except on the beach, obvi). When preparing for something like BlogFest, you have to think through packing in terms of sweat sessions rather than days. At this conference we go from workouts into educational sessions, during which the air conditioning in the conference room is pumping! I hate when my sweat dries while I’m sitting in AC, to go from dripping sweat to freezing. I always bring extra clothes with me to change after workouts. Gotta keep it fresh!

The Sweat Pink team is going to be twinning in style with these awesome outfits from prAna!

Jake was a big help while packing!

And let’s not forget the assortment of Sweat Pink and neon pink tanks and bras that I’ll have with me!

Sunshine Screens

Even though I’m a sun addict, I make every effort to protect my skin. Coming from a month in the sun at home at the beach, I definitely have my base tan ready to go for the desert. But I also have my sun protection gear locked and loaded.

Polarized Sunglasses

We’re big fans of Sunski. Cute, polarized, and affordable! Jamie has also recently discovered Nectar and Quay Australia.


I don’t step outside my house now without SPF on my face, even in dreary Portland. I’m also a fan of anything that helps me get out the door quicker and easier in the morning, especially on quick-paced conference days. Most mornings while at BlogFest we try to get an early morning run in and then head out for a long day of sweat and sessions. Enter FRÉ moisturizer with SPF, one of my favorite products! Get 15% off with the code SUMMERSWEAT.

Trucker Hats

I never head out for a run, or really to hangout in the sun at all, without a hat now. My Sweat Pink and Flex & Flow truckers are always my #1 run accessories that always make their way into my travel bag.


Kind of the opposite of sun protection, but at least I’ll be wearing sunscreen! One of my favorite Vegas memories from 5 years ago is going to a pool party at the MGM. I don’t expect that we’ll have time to get “wild and out” at a pool or anything. But last year we got to squeeze in an hour of lying by the pool, which was the perfect way to get some time together as a team and decompress before the craziness of the weekend! Plus, I have some awesome pink pieces I love to mix together!


I pretty much never go anywhere without my AfterShokz headphones. They’re a permanent fixture in my backpack / tote bag. The beauty of having them at a conference? They let you be as social as you want to be. You can listen to your sweat playlist and zone out, or jam out while still catching up with Sweat Pink friends. Get a pair now and you’ll get a free water bottle with purchase! 

A phone charger

We’re on our phones on Instagram all day long. Gotta plug in whenever we can! Extra batteries are also a great idea!

Beware walking while Instagramming.

Red Dress

When you think of packing for Vegas, you think sparkles, stilettos, and showing a lot of leg.

We usually try to go out one night as a team to celebrate and another to reunite with our Sweat Pink ambassadors. Cute outfits usually get broken out, an event to be relished for those of us that consider athleisure appropriate date night attire. (Leggings are totally versatile!)

At Fitbloggin last year.
At BlogFest two years ago.

But I was hesitant about what to pack for going out this year. How does the fitness industry do Vegas?! I was leaving Jamie’s house one night a few days before leaving and thought to ask her if we were bringing cute outfits for going out one night. Jamie’s response to me: “Duh, it’s Vegas.” So, I made sure to include one of my favorite dresses and pair of wedges!


Pictures, pictures, pictures. We’re constantly taking pictures throughout the weekend. Selfies, photo booths, Instagram stories. All. Weekend. Long.

We have some awesome plans for our booth this weekend. Some fun props may or may not be included…

Wide angle lens

Jamie and Nicci gave me one the best presents ever for my birthday this year: a wide angle lens phone attachement! This amazing tool lets me fit even more content into my photo frame, as in I have fit nine people in a selfie! Yeah, amazing. (It can also turn into a macro lens for detail.)


I couldn’t fit one into my bag for this trip, so I’m hoping to be able to pick one up there. 😉

I think I’m all set for the ultimate fitcation of BlogFest! What’s in your duffle?

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