#WCW: Support the girls at Title Nine and GIVEAWAY!

There’s nothing that unifies women like talking boobs! Well, let’s be more specific. A universal female problem: supporting the girls! Balancing support, comfort, and cuteness is always challenging. We’re constantly on the look-out for the next best bra!

What better way to hunt for a great bra than with girlfriends and wine?!


The Sweat Pink and Flex & Flow teams recently attended FitFest at our local Title Nine store for the second year in a row. Remember last year?…


It’s an evening that’s all about talking boobs and bras with wine and girlfriends! We each got special one-on-one attention with a Bravangelist, Title Nine‘s bra experts! These ladies are seriously so knowledgable about all things bra related. My Bravangelist brought me so many great options to try that ranged from high compression to bralette to sexy times laciness.

I decided to go with the Form First Bra from Brooks!


Cute, comfortable, and versatile! I love that you can link the back straps! This bra is so amazing, three of us ended up getting the same one!



We had such an amazing time at our Portland Title Nine! We reunited with other blogging buddies, chatted handstands and artwork daily challenges, and, of course, cheers-ed each other on our amazing bra finds! Check out what Marilyn, Nicci, Tasha, and Jamie, my Sweat Pink sistas, had to say about their experiences!


The only thing that was missing from the evening was a little air in the balloons… Where can ya find replacement boobie balloons (of the non-surgical variety) anyways?


Want the chance to get fitted for an awesome bra by your own Title Nine Bravangelist expert? Voila!

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I know your experience and final bra selection will leave you in this mood:



Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Title Nine. All opinions are truly my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community!

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    1. Um, YES! How have we not coordinated this already?! 😉 I should have texted you and Jamie the night before our impromptu photo shoot…

    1. haha Oh the trials and tribulations of being a woman! I can’t help but think about that scene from “The Sweetest Thing,” when Cameron Diaz lifts her arms up over her head as she says, “23,” and lowers them and says, “33.” 😀 So funny!

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