Will Travel, Find New Workout: Friday Five #RFCFallFit

I crave adventure, but am a creature of habit! As much as I love traveling, sometimes I struggle with the disruption to my workout routine. How can I balance these two loves?

Luckily there are five ways I am always able to stay active while traveling, including when I was home in North Carolina last weekend:



One of my favorite ways to stay active and explore a new place is to run! The miles simply fly by when exploring a new place and taking it all in while running around. Spotting street art and haunts to return to when I’m not actively sweating while on city routes is just as fun as trying out new trails!



I love getting to take class at new studios! It’s a great way to meet some locals, drum up conversation with new people, experience a new teacher and space, and get my flow on!



I know this isn’t exactly a new activity for me, but it’s a great way to get some nontraditional tourist pictures! Why stands awkwardly in front of something when you can bust a handstand, dancer, or lunge with it… Plus, it always feels great to get the blood moving after touring around all day or sitting while traveling.



Do as the locals do! I always like to take my workout outside as much as possible! So while traveling, I love exploring the local outdoors in any way I can. Skiing in Colorado, surfing in Costa Rica, hiking in North Carolina…

5. #RFCFallFit with Runtastic


There’s usually some sort of fitness or yoga challenge going on, encouraging me to bust a pose and get moving at any and all times! Last week I got to join in on the #RFCFallFit Challenge with Runstastic, Fit Approach, and Lunden. We lunged, planked, sweated, and more all week long!


We even (pumpkin) spiced it up and grabbed pumpkins for a fall-themed workout!

Working out with #RFCFallFit was perfect while traveling! Each day’s workouts were posted on the Runtastic Fitness channel on YouTube, and all of the workout videos were less than ten minutes. So each day’s sweat sesh was easily accessible and super efficient. Who likes spending all day at the gym when you’re busy exploring amazing things?!

What full-body move am I busting out in public in downtown Asheville? Check out the workout video here! Why simply wait for a table when you can get a sweat on in a cool place??

What are your favorite ways to stay active while traveling?


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Runtastic. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community. 

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