BOSU Balancing Babes #BYOBOSU

Have you been seeing those bright domes and the torture (aka kickbutt workout) they inflict upon us? Those are BOSU Balance Trainers! You’ve probably seen the classic blue and black ones in gyms for a while now. Not only did BOSU release a pink edition last year that we went crazy for…



But NOW they’ve released a Build Your Own BOSU line where you can customize the bladder and rim color combination! With 6 bladder colors and 5 rim colors to choose from, the world is your colorful oyster! (Pink bladder and green rim is our favorite!)

Other than being a great pop of color to you workout, how do BOSUs intensify your workout? They ignite all sorts of stabilizing muscles that maybe get neglected during normal strength training. And the beauty is that you can take this equipment into pretty much any workout!

Shuttle Sprints






Plank Stacking




Crow, Tree, and Downdog’ing


Because we love all the fun we’ve been having with our BYO BOSUs so much, and are obsessed with the new color combos you can create, we’re giving one away! Head over to to enter the GIVEAWAY** right NOW!

*TODAY ONLY (starting on 12/18 at midnight and ending at 7 pm on 12/19)

**Giveaway valid for US residents ONLY.

Can’t wait for a BYO BOSU? I don’t blame you. Use the code BYOBFREESHIP through 12/31/2016 to get FREE shipping on all BYO BOSU products!

Also stay tuned for some awesome BOSU news coming at ya on @fitapproach in the coming days…

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BOSU. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community! 

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