#IAmEmpowered for 2017

This time of year is one of my favorites! Yes, I absolutely love the holidays. The twinkle lights, the fluffy snow, the smell of pine, crisply-wrapped packages with shiny bows, a great excuse to have champagne way more than normal…

I also love the idea of an upcoming fresh start. [I’m going to avoid using the “r” word, so instead I’ll use goals/habits/etc.] There’s an electricity in the air around the new year at the thought of kicking bad habits and starting new good habits.


The theme of 2017 for our team is organization! For years I’ve used the same Moleskine planner: each week on the left, with a blank lined sheet on the right. For years, we’ve given calendars and planners as gift in my family. My aunt always makes a contribution to a Golden Retriever rescue foundation in my dad’s name, and we put the gifted calendar up in our kitchen. My mom and I always get my dad a Golden Retriever puppy weekly planner. I even got Alyse and Jamie these Moleskine planners last year. I love the sleek lines of it; it’s able to fit in my purse! I love being able to see my week on the left while having my to-do list and notes on the right.

However, the level of busy-ness this year resulted in my planner looking like this:


I need something different now. I got the larger version of this, intending to write in the hours myself on each day. (I think having each day’s hours laid out will really help with my crazy schedule!) However, I’m also really curious about The Volt Planner.


I’ve also been seeing a lot about Bulletjournaling lately, which just involves a plain ole notebook. This system still absolutely confuses me, but it seems like once you have it down that it’s life changing! A notebook can always be put to use, with Bulletjournaling or something else.


I’ve also used Erin Condren’s LifePlanner before, and am contemplating it again. The level of customization is awesome! You can add your name, cover photos, and choose among beautiful outside designs and interior layouts. There are also tons of fun accessories you can add to it.



What planner / journaling system do you use? Have you tried Bulletjournaling or the Volt planner?


I feel like the year 2016 has been universally a very unusual year for everyone. Any of my astrologically-aware friends have any theories about that? It’s unfortunately ending on a fearful note, for many reasons. In moments of fear and uncertainty, we can feel out of control. Not being in control is something very difficult for me. I remind myself of something my dad said to me post-panic attack many years ago: “Lizzy, you don’t have to control everything, you just have to know that you can handle it.”

I find in moments of fear and panic that it’s good to remember these words, and that we are strong, resilient, and powerful. There are many ways to do this that I know I’m going to be turning to through the end of the year and into 2017…

Building Strength

Feeling physically strong always helps me feel mentally and emotionally strong, as well. I’m so excited about all the toys (aka torture devices) that we have at Flex & Flow right now to play with (aka get my butt kicked).

The MostFit Core Hammer  is a safer alternative to a traditional sledgehammer, and a lot easier to wield and transport than a huge tire. It also makes me feel like I’m training for some fierce gladiator games or as a stand in for Game of Thrones! Get 10% off with the code MFSW10 at checkout!


As you might have read recently, we love getting our balancing on! The new BYO BOSUs have rocked our world even as they make our muscles quiver. Get free shipping with the code BYOBFREESHIP!


Not only are exciting things happening in the future of HIIT Yoga, I’m super excited to be regularly teaching a hiit yoga class now! I’ve always used gliders/towels/blankets for core work, but to use them for 75% of the class? Holy moly, a burn like no other!


We are so excited to announce that the year 2017 for Sweat Pink is all about EMPOWERMENT! We’ve themed the entire year! All of our challenges, prompts, blog posts, and more are going to be about getting strong, being inspired, building each other up, and reveling in our own power!

We’re getting empowered in January in two awesome ways! First off is our month-long Instagram challenge! Every day of January we’re featuring a prompt on @FitApproach that (hopefully) inspires you to post your own photo and write blog posts and share your story! Check out the awesome line up for the month:


  • January 1 – 8 : Sweat Pink community kick off
  • January 9 – 13: #EBGoals2017 with Eggland’s Best
  • January 16 – 20: #BuildYourBestBody with Hedstrom Fitness
  • January 21 – 31: 10 days of HIIT Yoga with Flex & Flow

Another way to get empowered for 2017? 30 days of yoga! At Flex & Flow, we’re hosting a 30-day challenge, awesome stickers included!We are so excited to be partnering with lucy Activewear as a sponsor of the #IAmEmpowered challenge. Winners of the challenge will receive gift cards to shop at lucy!

Not in the Portland area? Maybe host your very own 30 day yoga challenge! Hashtag away to join in on all the fun!



Ok, to finish it out, let’s talk specific goals for 2017!

  • #questforthepress – I have no idea if a press will happen for me in 2017. But I’m going to be working hard for it!
  • Run a half marathon race.
  • Get outside of the country! Two trips are in the works!
  • Self-care: 1 rest day per week; 1 massage every 1-2 months

I’m ready to slay. Are you in?

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  1. Love your goals for 2017! Where oh where will those trips take you?!

    I just recently started bullet journaling and I am a FAN. My journals are not pinterest-ready, but they are handy… 🙂

  2. I might borrow a few of these goals 😉 especially the massage goals! Love all of you organization tips – I like the idea of bullet journaling so we will see!!


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