Friday Five: 5 things my mom and dad were right about

I find as I get older that my mom and dad were right about so much. Whether it’s safety while out running or that jerk I dated in high school, it all comes back to the advice they gave and the lessons they imparted.

So rather than go into the trials of my dating experiences (wine would definitely need to be included for that!), let’s talk safety. It is still Runner’s Safety Month after all.
And I’ll just go ahead and say it. “Mom and Dad, you were right.”
My face normally when I admit someone was right. 😉

Don’t run with earbuds

I was doing a lot of running around cities while in college. I found listening to music helped me pump up for my run while also blocked out city noise. This the era of the iPod, I used earbuds. My mother forever fretted about me not being able to hear my surroundings.
Thanks to AfterShokz headphones, I can listen to my run playlist and be aware of what’s going on around me. These wireless, Bluetooth headphones rest outside of your ear canal and use bone conduction technology to play music. Not to mention, they’re sweat proof.
Check out some of my inspo for my running playlists! 

Be visible

I love dressing in all black. It’s easy to match, doesn’t show sweat or dirt or coffee, and can be so versatile. My dad always lectured me on being in all black in the woods. I grew up in the mountains of NC where hunters abound. He always wore bright orange anytime we went hiking.
I still love dressing in all black, but have tons of colors to add in and gear to bring with me to stay visible when on the trails!
– neon tanks
– run tights with reflective detailing
– head lamp for night / early morning runs
– neon run jacket – essential for al of our rainy day runs in Portland
Who Am I? Id – This band contains contact information in cases of emergency, is fluorescent for daytime visibility and has LED technology and reflectivity for nighttime visibility. (Get 20% off with the promo code whoami at checkout!)


I tend to go out running, hiking, and skiing alone a lot. Just like my dad. There were days he’d be out in the woods with the dogs and he late getting home. Pre-cell phones, my mom and I always worried about what could have happened.
I always try to tell someone where I’m going and what time I should be back. On one of my solo skins this winter, I knew the way down was not going to be good. It was my normal route at Mt Hood, a narrow trail that isn’t maintained. So it can get really bumpy and uneven. That day it was pretty much straight ice. I was not looking forward to “skiing” down a narrow, bumpy ice chute. I called Nicci to let her know where I was and who she should call if she didn’t hear from me in an hour at the most.
Now I can take that to the next level. Now I can always be a press of a button away from notifying my network if something goes wrong. My Wearsafe Tag clips on anywhere, my shirt, my shorts, my run pack, my waterbottle, and is linked to the app on my smartphone. If something goes down, I can just press the button and get in touch with help.
Fit Approach is giving away two Wearsafe Tags! Head over to join!

Protect your skin

My parents were of the age before sunscreen. My mom always tells stories about lathering herself in baby oil before laying out at the beach with her girlfriends. My dad even had some potentially cancerous cells removed from his nose a few years ago. So I have sun safety drilled into my head.
– hat: I never leave for a run without a hat.
– sunglasses: polarized for extra safety!
– sunscreen: bonus when my moisturizer has spf in it, like FRÉ! (Get 25% off FRÉ products with the code SWEATPINK at checkout!)


Being prepared and aware is kind of the big theme, yeah?


Water water water. My dad is forever chugging water, alternating coffee and wine of course.  My Nathan handheld water bottle ensures that I’m always hydrating when it running. I also just got a camelback bladder for my run pack. I’m so prepared for some long, hot, sweaty summer runs, and that Southern humidity.

Always have my phone

I’ve been in a couple of, well, we’ll call them situations. Nothing bad or scary or anything, just some uncomfortable moments. It makes me really glad I’m attached to my phone. Anything that makes it easier to have access to my phone makes me happier (easier access to photo taking all the time!) and feel safer.
– my Bluetooth AfterShokz headphones
– pockets in my run tights! – I honestly can’t buy run tights without the side thigh pocket anymore. So life changing. Some of my sports bras even have them!
– pocket in my run pack
– pocket in my Nathan handheld
– Wearsafe Tag – allows me to access my smartphone’ network even if my phone is packed away


My dad is the king of layers. Anytime we are heading out for an adventure, we always have a lively packing discussion. When going out on the trails, you never know what you might need. The weather might shift and you need a puffy, or sudden rain comes in and you need a shell. He taught me it always pays to be prepared and I couldn’t tell you how many times that has come in handy!
We were hiking in shorts and tanks just hours before! brrrrr!

And lose the jerk. 😉

Thanks for always watching out and, in the end, being right, Mom and Dad! What were your mom and dad right about?
Disclaimer: I was provided with products by AfterShokz, Wearsafe, Who Am I? ID, and FRÉ. All opinions are my own! I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.

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  1. My list of things they were right about is very long and keeps growing…haha. They include use a plate, don’t touch your skin, check you oil and tires before every road trip… that’s good for now.

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