Friday Five: 5 Things That Empower and Inspire #AwareWithPink

Woah did the first week of October fly by! Things have never been busier, or more filled with inspiration! Over here at Sweat Pink HQ we’re talking yoga, sweat, neon dance rave parties, running, and PINK! It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and not only are we tracking miles for If Girls Ran the World, but we’re rocking our new PINK Trekz Titanium headphones from AfterShokz every step along the way!


It’s Friday! Yeah, I’m amped for the weekend. I have run club with the awesome Flex & Flow runners in Forest Park tomorrow morning, a day date with Nicci to go to hot springs and binge watch Shameless for the rest of Saturday, all the Sunday morning yoga, and my bestie Caitlin comes back to me from Europe Sunday afternoon! But I’m also pretty damn exhausted after an insane week of busy schedules, navigating potential injuries, and all the other minutiae of daily life. So ending the week with 5 things that inspire and empower me sounds like a good plan to me!


My top three workout jams right now:

  • Muevela by Angel Y Khriz
  • Get Low by Dillon Francis and DJ Snake
  • Drinkee by Sofi Tukker

I love jamming out with my bluetooth, sweatproof AfterShokz Trekz! They let me run (whether literally out running or commuting about town) around handsfree. Yay for easier #stopdropandyoga sessions and phone, coffee, and smoothie bowl balancing acts!




I love being able to support and spread Breast Cancer Awareness with sweating! We’re tracking miles for If Girls Ran the World, an organization that empowers and educates women, for the whole month of October. Everything I raise will be donated to Save the Children.

While running, I’ll be wearing my PINK Trekz from AfterShokz! AfterShokz is helping to raise awareness by not only releasing these limited edition PINK headphones but also by donating 25% of proceeds from every unit sold on to Bright Pink!


We’re also rocking out an Instagram challenge with AfterShokz and Fit Approach for all of October! Two prompts will go live each Wednesday and Friday on Fit Approach’s Instagram channel. Join in on the pink, sweaty fun, and hashtag #AwareWithPink like crazy! For each use of the #AwareWithPink hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, AfterShokz is donating an additional 25 cents to Bright Pink!


As we know, self care is the name of the game in my life right now. I’m navigating a pre-injury (aka achilles pain that could be a sign of an impending ankle injury). So I’m really having to take care of myself this week, including body work with heat packs, Graston Technique (this is what my chiro did to me this morning), and laser therapy…


I’m also trying to make sure I’m rolling a ton. I spent about an hour the other night rolling my calves out with a lacrosse ball and my quads out with a foam roller. The hurt-so-good pain was so intense, so I was super grateful I had Shameless on as a distraction!

Last but not least I’m working a ton of stretches into my yoga practice right now. All the pigeon, forward folds, splits, and lizard for days. Finish it off with a legs-up-the-wall, and that’s as close to a yin practice as I’m going to get!




prAna‘s new fall line has me set from head to toe for the fall season! Their Mattea Sweater is the perfect fall layer for over jeans or leggings, for at the coffee shop or the top of mountain after a hike. And as hard as it is for me to find jeans to fit my body type (short legs, narrow waist, muscular thighs and booty), their London Jean are PERFECT! Cuffed with Birks was perfect for those cooler late summer days, and now I’m excited to throw them on with some booties for fall! Recycled materials, sustainable manufacturing processes, safe working environments, AND cute and functional clothes as the result?! I’m on board all the way! Get 15% off prAna with the code PFS16LWY at checkout.


I’m also so excited about some of the new fall pieces from lululemon! My running buddies and I are rocking some of the new fall running pieces. Great for pre, during, and post sweat to sweat-wick and stay toasty! The new pant material Nulux is also amazing! Naked sensation (great to rock all day long!) but still engineered for cardio and training!




Nicci has been my sanity for these last two weeks on insanity. We manage Flex & Flow together, a role that has shifted just a little recently while Jamie is in Bali for 6 weeks. We work on projects together for Sweat Pink. We run, yoga, drink wine and coffee, eat cheese and chocolate, snuggle puppies together. She encourages me to work, train, and play hard but also making sure I’m being kind to myself. As one of our Active Restoration teachers at FFY, she helps make sure I’m doing the right poses and stretches for my injuries and fitting in calming activities to attempt to destress. While also being down to run, sweat, and play together! Thanks for keeping me on track, Nicci! I love you!


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by AfterShokz in an effort to spread awareness about their new Pink Trekz headphones, in partnership with Bright Pink to support and spread awareness around breast cancer awareness. All opinions and words are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands the support the Sweat Pink community. 

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  1. Love you so much! You inspire and push me (sometimes with a physical push, which I need)! Just watching all that you do is inspiring! So glad to have you in my life!

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