Friday Five: 5 Reasons to Go Hands Free #AwareWithPink

Back in May, we got to rock our new AfterShokz headphones at the opening 5k of the United Relay. Before even venturing to the park to run, we tested them out at the house. 5 dancing girls, 5 different songs (1 podcast, in Jamie’s case), 1 conversation. The epitome of successful multitasking. It was such a fun faux weekend, and we loved being able to bring back not only great memories, but also our great new headphones!



Why are these headphones seriously AMAZING?!

  • Bone conduction technology. The ear pieces rest outside of your ear, allowing you to still hear surrounding noises. Safety before beatz, people!
  • Sweatproof. Nuff said.
  • Bluetooth. Say goodbye to those annoying earbud cords! …

That last one is the best feature in my opinion. I’ve gone wireless with my music listening, especially while working out, and I could never go back. 5 reasons why going handsfree is the best!

  1. I never really realized how annoying earbud cords are before I used my AfterShokz. I’m a big wearer of layers, especially since I’m active outside all year round. Being able to strip layers off easily after I’ve warmed up (even while continuing to run or ski) is awesome! Not to mention my earbuds cord would always, always, always get caught in my necklace. How a steady movement would lead to such a disastrous tangled mess, I’ll never know.
From having to strategize with annoying wires…
... to no cords in sight!
… to no cords in sight!

2. No untangling when it comes time to #stopdropandyoga! Not having to take my ear buds out, unplug them, then set up for the photo, plug back in and set my headphones back up is a huge time saver! I’m now always one step closer to being able to always bust a yoga move when out for a run.


3. Or any move for that matter. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying our dance-walks after class to coffee of late. A student even spotted us on the bridge and said we looked like we were in a music video. I think we were channeling the Beastie Boys.



Apparently that’s my go-to style of walking I suppose…


4. Being on the go all day long, I end up eating on the go for the most part too. Having both hands free to be able to eat a quinoa-veggie bowl or balance my smoothie and coffee cups while scarfing a larabar is a lifesaver!


Thanks for balancing out my caffeine intake, Gerolsteiner! Join in on the #SparklingDetox, starting Monday!


5. Spreading BCA! October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is just around the corner. Wanting to raise awareness, AfterShokz has released their amazing Trekz Titanium headphones in PINK!


That’s not all! Until October 31st, 2016, AfterShokz is donating 25% of proceeds of every unit sold on to Bright Pink, a nonprofit organization specializing in breast and ovarian cancer awareness and education. Now you can be #AwareWithPink while sweating and supporting PINK!

That’s still not all! Every time #AwareWithPink is used on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, AfterShokz is going to donate an additional 25 cents to Bright Pink. So spread the hashtag far and wide, y’all!

As a gift to you for helping spread breast cancer awareness by purchasing the limited edition Trekz Titanium Pink, you have the chance to receive a FREE case! Simply add a small case to the cart of your online order and use the code PinkGift at checkout.


These headphones have absolutely changed my running game. No more fighting with cord-necklace tangles and ear bud earaches. More multitasking and easier #stopdropandyoga sessions. Not only are they time saving, they’re also life saving. Spread awareness and be #AwareWithPink!


Also keep an eye out for the #AwareWithPink Instagram challenge with Fit Approach and AfterShokz for the whole month of October!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by AfterShokz. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that sponsor the Sweat Pink community!

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