From neon accents to avocado toast: it all comes back around

They say trends come and go, but I think it’s more that they go through cycles. And I know it’s more than just the 90’s being alive in Portland…

Or finding my grandfather’s ski onesie…

InStyle even just put out an article about how the 90’s are making a comeback! Nothing say’s 90’s more than Kelly Kapowski, and nothing says 2018 more than a Kardashian.


Though people in Portland wear Kelly’s outfit more than they do Kylie’s, you see my point.

I notice this happens for the food scene as well. Restaurants go through these waves of trendy dishes so that you’ll see a certain dish on every menu at every restaurant for months. Last year it was burrata, this year it’s all about the cauliflower.

I go through these trends in my own kitchen as well. Though it might be due more to my limited cooking repertoire than following a trend’s ebb and flow, but that’s irrelevant. I’ll discover a dish that I not only find delicious but am amazed that I can create, make it every day for weeks or months, and then never make it again. They tend to be simple and near fool-proof to assemble, but rich in nutrients and well-balanced. And so goes the cyclical trends of my cooking habits.

When I moved to Portland three years ago, I was introduced to the signature dish of the millennial lifestyle: avocado toast. Nearly every coffee shop in town has it’s own version of the dish. When I first started working for Sweat Pink, I repurposed Alyse’s amazingĀ avo toast recipe: a slice of bread with avocado and goat cheese spread on it, and topped with a fried egg. It. Was. Amazing! So easy to put together, so delicious, and so satisfying.

I think for about a year I had some version of this toast every day. Topped with bacon for breakfast, with a side of berries for lunch, or on a bed of greens for dinner. And then, just like that, I went cold turkey. Not for any particular reason. I just stopped.

Lately I’ve been throwing some homemade avo toast with a fried egg back into the mix. It started with this baguette…

Since then I’ve been picking up a baguette or roll every now and then. I always keep Eggland’s Best eggs on hand in the fridge. And an assortment of greens and cheese. So toast is a natural progression. And it’s always delicious and easy, my two stipulations when it comes to cooking for myself.

Yesterday at the store I decided to commit again: I got a whole loaf of Dave’s seed bread. And I’m now on two days in a row of making egg + avocado toast.

Today’s version: toasted seed bread, smashed avocado spread, fried egg, shaved parm cheese, blistered mixed greens, and topped with some fresh cracked pepper and salt.

As I’m suffering from a very real afternoon slump today, I made another cup of coffee to go with it, and mixed in a little collagen from Great Lakes Gelatin. Altogether making for the perfect recipe to get my energy going this afternoon. And stave off any unnecessary snacking with a well-balanced plate and a boost of collagen to keep me feeling full and satisfied.

What are you nomming on today?

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Great Lakes Gelatin. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.

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