Healthing Up the Holidays #HealthUpYourHolidays

Today’s the last day for #HealthUpYourHolidays with Designer Protein and Fit Approach. For all of November we’ve been getting ready to be happy and healthy for this holiday season.

Let’s recap with my favorite prompts from the past month:


What I’m most excited about for the holiday season: Winter Wonderland! And of course skiing (backcountry in particular) is my favorite winter sport!

Photo by Kate Daigneault

We talked about ab-burning core moves! I’ve been working negative presses in my handstand, with the goal of getting that damn press up! So any and all core work for me is a necessary evil right now. Navasana boat pose is a sure fire way to get everything burning. Insane boat pose sequences have been a theme for our teachers lately, so thanks to Jamie, Nicci, Daniel, and Jessie for the “love.”


I loved giving out shoutouts to my healthy living inspirations! During the #HealthUpYourHolidays we got to concoct healthy(ish) cocktails for our Facebook Live event on Fit Approach’s Facebook page. Cheers to replacing chocolate syrup with Sunshine Chocolate Designer Protein. (More on these recipes below!)


And how could I not be inspired by this awesome crew at Flex & Flow! The vibes at the studio have been insane-amazing lately!


My favorite way to stay active while traveling? Yoga and dance parties in the airport!



On Thanksgiving Day, our first Turkey Trot was a huge success! We got wet, sweaty, and all kinds of muddy up on Wildwood in Forest Park! Trail running was followed by yoga, followed by lots of wine and friends.


Getting motivated after the holidays is always challenging. A GSD work session with Jamie and Nicci all day at a coffee shop, a great park run and bootcamp workout with Jamie and Abbie, and two hours of yoga classes got me back on track immediately!

Today we’re talking about how to stay healthy for the rest of December. This word “healthy” has dual meanings for me:

  1. Staying active and keeping a balanced diet.
  2. Self care!

Things have been unprecedentedly crazy over the last weeks. Working 15 hour days, working 7 days a week, teaching 15 days in a row, running all over the city (literally, I got in great milage in October and November)… Thanks to the range of amazing food offerings all over Portland, maintaining a balanced diet hasn’t been that difficult, even on the go (special shout out to Bamboo for all the sushi, poke, and miso to-go orders). Staying active hasn’t been a problem either, obviously. I’m so lucky that being active is part of my job. But I haven’t been switching it up as much as I should. I haven’t made it to the gym for circuit training or laps. I haven’t been to my favorite spin studio in months. My skis aren’t even tuned for the season yet, and I hear the snow is falling hard up in the mountains.

Goals for December:

  • attend two spin classes
  • go to the gym at least once a week for circuits, weights, or laps
  • get my skis tuned and get up to the mountains!

Now it sounds like I’m just adding activities on to an already maxed out schedule. So also part of my goals is to make sure I’m taking care of myself. The last two weeks I’ve felt so much tension covering my shoulders, neck, and upper back. I’ve started feeling my old rib injury flare up again. I’ve had headaches. I haven’t been sleeping nearly enough. Self care is an integral part to staying healthy, and happy!

Self care goals for December:

  • get 7-8 hours of sleep 5 times a week
  • attend at least one vinyasa / active restoration / yin yoga class a week
  • take one rest day a week – that means one day entirely off from activity
  • hydrate! – I’ve been drinking way too much coffee, and not nearly enough water. (Special thanks to Prasad for keeping me healthy and hydrated with their hot wellness toddies!)
  • get a massage

Finding balance between all of these goals isn’t going to even be close to easy. But I’m super excited to put them down “on paper,” to commit myself to them, and stay healthy this holiday season!

Part of why I love the holidays is being able to #treatyoself!

I have a huge sweet tooth, and the holidays enable me to taste all the delicious things! However, I do try to keep it healthy when it’s possible. That’s why I’m loving these delicious “smoothie” recipes including Designer Protein (the chocolate flavors, because, duh)! I get to satiate my sweet tooth while getting a protein boost at the same time!

Alyse’s Chocolate Almond Toffee Smoothie

  • 1 scoop Designer Protein Gourmet Chocolate Whey
  • 1/2 cup yogurt, or 1/2 banana (I’m not a banana person, but that will also give this a creamy texture)
  • 1 spoonful of almond butter
  • Optional: dash of cold brew coffee
  • 1 cup liquid (milk of any kind, water, whatever floats your boat)
  • Handful of ice
  • Top with: whipped cream, toffee crumbles

Fit Approach team’s Protein Mudslide Shake

Directions: First, make the Irish cream substitute. Mix all ingredients in a high-powered blender, pour into your most festive wine glass, and enjoy!


Designer Protein has some awesome promotions going on right now! So load up, and do some good while you’re at it!

  • Designer Protein is offering 30% off everything at with the code SWEATPINK30
  • Check out their Facebook page for 12 days of giving, going on through 12/6/16. Each day, they have a special promotion, and 12% of proceeds will go to the San Diego Food Bank to help feed the homeless throughout the holidays.

How are you keeping it happy and healthy throughout the holidays??


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Designer Protein. All opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community!

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