Stay sweaty, summer lovers!

I think this June is going to be the sweatiest EVER!

Not only will I be in North Carolina for quite a while (hellllllloooo humidity!) and will I be amping up my running to prepare for my half at the end of the summer, but there are so many ridiculously sweaty things happening. Are you with me?!

Summer Sweat Series

We’re planning on getting sweaty together all summer long at Flex & Flow! Each Sunday, we’re sending out (and posting on the blog) a suggested workout for the week featuring classes at the studio. Can’t make it into the studio in Portland? There will be alternative workouts on offer so you can keep training along with us!

We’re kicking it off this Saturday, June 3rd with a party in the park! Join us at the studio at 11:30 to run over to Overlook Park for a sweaty bootcamp session in the sunshine with Tasha and Jamie. We’ll run back to the studio for a nutrition talk centered around fueling for training with Barb, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. We’ll also have cookies from Morsel Code Cookie Company and tea from Stash Tea (they have an iced chocolate nitro tea that is amazing)!

OutFound Series

In one week, we’re Hood River-bound for OutFound Festival, an adventure sports and outdoor innovation festival! The Flex & Flow crew will be teaching vinyasa, inversion, acro, and bootcamp classes there all weekend long. Get your tickets this weekend and catch OutFound’s last chance flash sale of 50% off registration. Here is the FFY class lineup:


June is Running Safety Month! All month long at Sweat Pink we’ll be talking gear, stretches, rest day activities, cross training favorites, self defense, tips for running newbies, and more. Join in on the conversation! Let us know anything and everything that keeps you safe out on the trails, road, treadmill, and everywhere else you get in your miles.

Going into the summer, which is sure to be hot and sweaty for me at the beach in NC, I’m super grateful for these sun safety tips from Organic Runner Mom! Luckily I do some of these already, but I’m taking notes as I’m gearing up for longer runs on hotter days in sweaty, steamy Carolina. Hydration pack, here I come… What are your favorites, runners??

We’ll also be hosting giveaways of some awesome gear throughout the month, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Can’t wait to enter the giveaway to get some awesome gear? Get 70% off Volume Maker RunBud wireless and Bluetooth headphones with the code SWEATPINK!

Part of the month’s celebration includes National Running Day, which is next Wednesday the 7th! I definitely plan on gathering my running buddies and hitting the trails for some miles to celebrate sweatily.


My ultimate running inspiration Jamie is sharing all of the ultimate motivation for tapping into the inner athlete beast. On National Trail Running Day last week, she spoke about running ultras at our local Columbia store. She also was just featured along with a number of other amazing ultra trail runners on NordicTrack to talk all things ultra running. Check out these posts!

Not only will I be using these as a reference when it comes to my own training and motivation, she is also encouraging me to tap into my inner athlete! After playing sports for years, it became ingrained for me what being “an athlete” meant. That definition has shifted so much for me in the past few years. I don’t play team sports anymore and am not a professional athlete, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not an athlete. Everyone has an athlete inside of him / her! I’m so excited to be participating in the month-long #AthleteInside challenge with Designer Protein, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Ben Zorn (I’m not a Bachelor watcher, but some of you might recognize him as that Ben Zorn). This whole challenge is geared towards embracing your inner athlete through fitness and nutrition in order to achieve your goals. Check out more details here. Perfect timing, eh?


Last, but certainly not least, this Monday kicks off our HIIT Yoga challenge! A weekly sequence will be released every Sunday from June 5 – June 30, daily prompts will be posted, and a weekly Instagram Live session will be held every Friday.

This challenge is to celebrate the release of HIIT Yoga workouts online in July! So no matter where you are or what time it is or how much time you have to work out, you’ll be able to get sweaty with us! HIIT Yoga is by far one of the sweatiest and most kick-butt workouts I’ve ever participated in. Challenging in and of itself, it’s also one of the best cross-training exercised for running!


Sounds sweaty enough? Stay tuned for all things running and sweaty to come: cross training, restoration, gearing up to run, all things HIIT Yoga, fueling up to train, staying safe in the sun, and more!

What are your summer goals and what are you doing to achieve them?

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  1. Alllll the sweat, all the running and all the fun! We’ll be sweating alongside with you all summer, even when you’re in NC and we’ll be missing you, like WHOA. Like really, WHOA.

    1. Ah, about to cry… I seriously am going to miss y’all so much! I can’t believe I leave in two weeks tomorrow! Luckily we’ll still be sweating virtually together. We could always facetime during our runs. hehe

  2. This is most definitely going to be the sweatiest summer of my life and I’m more than okay with that 😉 so excited for all the things!!!


    1. So excited for all the sweaty things! I already know I’m going to be so sore. Who’s bringing me chocolate and rose to my lounge chair in the sun?? 😉

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