Magnetic Attraction: Properties and People

Let’s talk magnetism.

That phenomena of two things inexplicably being drawn to each other. 

Ok, I know there’s “science” behind it. But regardless, it’s a pretty incredible thing. 

Take the connection away from metal and ore to people for a minute. Sometimes there’s that instantaneous reaction when you meet someone. I’ve found that it happens rarely, and for that it’s only more precious. 

As a single, I’m not necessarily talking about romantic connection. Though I have felt that before. I remember looking up from my computer and locking eyes with someone and feeling as close to a physical “click” in the air as is possible. Maybe I dreamt him up considering it was 6am and I was still half asleep, but either way it was undeniably a bizarre occurrence. 


Friendship connections are equally if not more important.

The first time I met the infamous Caitlin was actually after we were already living together. We were both renting out rooms in a house in Hawthorne, the first place I moved into when I got to Portland. I’d met all the other roommates already, but she had to work late on the night I had a roommate interview with everyone in the house. After about a week of living there, I was sitting at the dining room table with my dinner and a book. She came home from work and came out to the common space to join me. Three hours later we were besties. Our first date was Target and Thai that week. Our first weekend away was just a brief three weeks later. We survived Target and a road trip with everyone alive and our friendship still intact, that made it official. 

There was once a time I was nervous to ask her to take a selfie. It did not last long…

Caitlin is one of those people to me, that the minute we started talking I just knew she was going to be important in my life. I truly have a partner in her, for adventure, for music and food, for vegging on the couch, for belly-hurts-I’m-laughing-so-hard laughter, for serious moments and conversations…

Jamie is one of those people, too. I met Jamie by cold-emailing Sweat Pink about 6 weeks after moving to Portland. A local yoga studio told me about this chick that had just moved up from San Francisco and somehow had created a marketing business from her bootcamp classes. It sounded really interesting, in the field I was curious about, and just all around badass. We quickly set up a meet at what is still a frequent coffee shop haunt of ours. What started out as an informal brain-picking session turned into a job interview of sorts. And a puppy park play date. I started with Sweat Pink as an intern, absorbing anything and everything I could about this foreign world of digital marketing. Now almost three years later, we’ve added a studio to the mix, are running HIIT & Flow teacher trainings, hosting yoga and influencer retreats, and more!

The minute I met Jamie I knew she was special. I knew I had so much to learn from her, but was also just plain drawn to her energy!

Nic was much the same way. She was one of the first teachers we interviewed when we were opening Flex & Flow. I sat down with her first, and Jamie joined us later. I immediately knew she was inherently sweet and adorable. She had a optimistic and still grounded energy about her. I liked her instantly. She dubbed herself an alignment-based teacher and wasn’t sure she was powerful enough with her style, but we all realized during her audition that she was so sneaky. There was burn and power aplenty, which she offered up with a sweet, sweet smile. Quickly she became one of my people. She dove into the studio and our Sweat Pink team with gusto. She’s always up for a good time, and tacos. For a sweat session and a snuggly hug.

Supposedly there are 10 qualities of a magnetic personality: authenticity, confidence, eloquence, energetic, motivational, listens actively, intelligent, imaginative, and has a great sense of humor.*

I can say without a doubt that these ladies, and so many other people in my life, have these qualities. Are the picture of these qualities. I feel inspired by them. Their confidence, their intelligence. They motivate me to always push myself and take care of myself. I can go to them with anything and everything, serious or silly. I have never laughed so hard in my life, and ALL the time.

These ladies that I’m drawn to help overshadow and alleviate the sadness and the stress. They draw out the impurities, so to speak, and help me shine. I like to think we help each other with this.

As phenomenal as this attraction is, whether between romantic partners or friends, the actual phenomena of magnetism is pretty incredible, too. Anybody else remember playing with and being baffled by magnets as a kid? We had that experience all over again just the other day!


With the stress and franticness of the past couple of weeks (two weeks ago I taught 16 classes in one week, and I’m not a full-time teacher. Woah!), I know a lot of us are trying to focus on rest and self-care right now before Christmas time is in full swing. Between our Friendsgivings, ski dates, yoga classes, and busy Netflix binging sessions this past weekend, we made sure to fit in a science project that masked itself as skincare with the Onyx Youth Facial Mask.

This magnetic skincare therapy harnesses the powerful phenomena of magnets and aims to literally draw impurities from your pores.


It is an iron powder mask from Korea, infused with a moisturizing blend of botanical oils, antioxidants, and amino acids that leaves your skin radiant and glowing.

Want to #BeMagnetic with us? Use the code BEMAGNETIC at checkout to get 20% off. Treat yo self!



Disclaimer: I was provided with product to review by Onyx Youth Facial Mask. All opinions expressed, as always, are my own. 

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  1. Oh my gosh I love this and YOU! You are seriously magnetic – I’m drawn to you in so many ways and I’m not even talking about your bum at this point. You get me, girl, and I love being in your vibrant life. Also, this face mask is the bomb!

  2. YOU are magnetic and are the root of so many good things about my life here in PDX (and in general). This really made my day – what a sweet post – a bright spot I needed on an otherwise very stressful day.

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