‘Pura vida’ body, mind, and soul.

I’m back in the land of #bikinilife. Yup, I’m back at the beach.

As much as I love living in the mountains and truly think that’s the place for me, life wouldn’t simply not be complete without some beach time.

Science says so

Luckily science is on my side on this one. A recent study has shown that the beach does the body AND the mind a whole heck of a lot of good.

Staring at the waves can actually change our brain waves and induce a type of meditative state. Even just the color blue is associated with feelings of calm and tranquility. Blue ocean + blue skies = brain bliss!

The sound of the ocean waves can de-stimulate the brain. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated by both the sight and the sound of the ocean. In our overstimulated world, we are in a state of “flight or fright” more often than not now. The parasympathetic nervous system is what enables us to actually relax and sit back in a state of calm.

Even the smell of the ocean is relaxing. It could have something to do with negative ions in the air. Another recent study says that negative ion therapy has been used at effectively treating seasonal affective disorder. Which of course we know nothing about in the Pacific Northwest (insert sarcastic font here whenever it’s finally invented).

Feet in sand. Sometimes it’s really that simple! I immediately have to get my shoes off and dig into the sand. Some of it might be conditioning over the years, but I know I love strolling along the beach barefoot as the waves wash up to kiss my toes. Absolute heaven.

No wonder I always immediately feel more relaxed the minute I arrive at a beach! It is a real thing. It’s where I want to be when things get hard, stressful, emotional, overwhelming. It’s where I’ve felt the most calm, healthy, and stress-free in my life. It’s where my family is healing.

Lunch time wine always helps too… 

No makeup, hair sticky from the salty air, in my usual Katniss braid, sipping a crisp Pinot Grigio with lunch…

Pure natural beauty of “The Beach Babe”

I truly believe the most beautiful woman is the “beach babe.” Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up, getting decked out in jewelry, wearing high heels, and getting my hair blown out at the salon. But I think the beach babe is just so naturally stunningly beautiful. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition is a thing for a reason.

Some of it might be the mentality of beach life that shines through. Stress free, happy, relaxed, active. True beauty absolutely comes from true happiness.

Some of it is the physicality of beach life. Sandy, salty hair and skin. Waves only the ocean could create (“beach waves” is a sought after hair style for a reason). No makeup. Sun-kissed sweaty skin. Mostly naked.

The only product I use at all is sunscreen. Literally. I’ll go days, if not weeks, between putting any makeup at all on. Most of the time I even forget deodorant.

After years of body image issues, I’m amazed that I feel not only comfortable but confident in a bikini! Baring so much skin should in theory bring my insecurities to the surface. Instead, I’ve found I love running around mostly naked. For years I always hesitated with baring my booty in my bikini bottoms, but spending a month in Costa Rica cured me of that.

There’s an ease of bikini life when it comes to style. Being able to throw on shorts and a tank or a barely-there sundress over a bikini and run around town for errands or drinks or what have you is absolutely freeing and makes things oh-so-easy. Pair with some flip flops and piling my hair into a huge top knot, and the look is complete.

Caught in the act running errands in Costa Rica.

The simplicity of style is so freeing. When I pack for a beach trip, I always throw in run clothes, sneakers, flip flops, one sundress, and a ton of bikinis. That’s it.

Active and healthy living

I’m constantly on the move at the beach. Right when I wake up I sweat somehow: running, surfing, bike riding, paddling, yoga. I love going for a run and then surf or paddle afterwards. And all before breakfast.

Then we head to the beach. I take breaks while basking in the sun and devouring my favored beach reads (ahem, romance novels) of rolling around in the sand and calling it yoga, strolling along the edge of the surf, and swimming beyond the break. I love an evening stroll and beach yoga practice too.

Beach life gives me a lot of quiet time and rest. Constantly reading, quiet walks on the beach, stretching in the sand, watching the sunset while sipping a glass of wine. Sometimes I’ll get crazy and even throw an afternoon nap in, maybe while “reading” on the beach.

I love the food at the beach. Everything is fresh! Tons of veggies and fruit (all. the. watermelon.), fresh local fish, some chocolate, crisp white wine, and I’m a happy girl.

Not to mention tons of water! I’m constantly chugging out of my water bottle. Recently I’ve added sparkling water to my beach hydration ritual. The bubbles are so refreshing after being out in the sun all day! Love a big glass of Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water with a huge wedge of lemon.

Pure, natural beauty. Atmosphere made for relaxation and stress reduction. Fresh foods and active living. Beach life is the best life. 

What’s your favorite part of the beach? Where do you go to relax and hit the reset button?

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  1. I LOVE the beach. I would trade the mountains for it anytime, even though the mountains are beautiful, I’m an island girl. I loved this post and all the photos.

    1. What beach would you choose?! Now living on the West coast but having grown up on the East Coast, I’ve come to learn there are many many many different kinds of beaches! 😉

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