Break out the boots!

One of my favorite parts of fall is the instant style upgrade.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE summer. The sunshine, relaxation, beach trips, fresh fruits, porch dates… I could go on. I love the style of summer, the ease of it. Jean shorts and birks. Breezy sundresses. Wedges. It’s so easy and so casual.

I always feel edgier when it comes to getting dressed come fall. I don’t necessarily change what I’m wearing all that much though. My uniform is still pretty much leggings and a tunic or jeans and a tank with a sweater. During the warmer months, it’s a pretty casual look with ballet flats or sandals. During the majority of the year (at least from living in Colorado and now in Portland), I add boots and booties to this ensemble and get the instant upgrade! Jeans look less frumpy and leggings can be dressed up.

Same outfit, TOMS versus booties.

I developed a literal uniform in Colorado, the land of 8 months of winter: Black leggings, knee-high Frye boots (Sorel snow boots for commuting), a long black tank, a long grey or black sweater (a Patagonia flannel for casual), and a scarf. Oh, and a beanie.

There were a lot of good reasons for my ski bum life uniform.

  • Leggings are just so damn comfortable.
  • I can always #stopdropandyoga with freedom.
  • The classic black goes with everything.
  • I also worked in a restaurant. I ran around like a crazy person and interacted with food. Black doesn’t show sweat or food stains.
  • Black can also be dressed up a lot easier than any other color.
  • Boots are the obvious choice in a ski town. I had my Sorel snow boots for commuting, and then always changed into nice Frye leather boots at work or for nights out. Knee-high was necessary for trudging through piles of snow.
  • Layers. Are. Everything. You have to learn to layer when living in perpetual winter or a place with crazy weather (I see you, SF).
Occasionally I throw in some funky leggings…

Since coming to Portland, my style has shifted ever so slightly: I’m wearing jeans.

Woah, I know. I’m getting crazy. Jeans are still kind of “dressing up” for me, though it happens more and more these days. Some of that is because I’m not wearing knee-high boots as much anymore. I don’t have to deal with snow all day every day and ankle booties have taken over the fashion world. My favorite boots right now are a pair of waterproof wedge Sorel booties from last year (omg, you guys, they’re back this year, too!), and I rarely wear anything else. Cute and functional, my favorite combo!

I still love the skinny jean style that’s still in fashion. But I’ve struggled with it for a long time in colder months. I have small feet but muscular calves, so it’s very hard for me to wear jeans with knee-high boots. But now the style is ankle boots and cuffing your jeans, and I absolutely love it! For years they told us never to cuff your jeans, especially as a shortie, but with a wedge bootie, it’s actually very elongating for my short legs.

Now that I’m “dressing up more,” aka wearing jeans, I love trying to find new jeans to try out. I’m short with a small waist but have muscular thighs and a booty, so finding jeans is always pretty challenging. Joe’s and Paige jeans are usually my favorites, and have been for a long time. My new favorite for this season: prAna’s Jenna Pants! These pants in coal are my new favorite for fall, classic with a twist. Cuffed with booties or birks, paired with a tank or a leather bomber, these pants are taking me from summer into fall stylishly and comfortably. And they’re bluesign certified, the highest of environmental and human safety standards!

Jenna Pant + birks
Jenna Pant + booties

What’s your go-to fall style? How do you rock your jeans?

Check out the cute, functional, and eco-friendly garb at prAna! And get 15% off with the code FALY15 at checkout! 

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