I’m just gonna sit right here until summer is ready

Springtime in Portland is full of beautiful blooms and drastic weather swings. Last week we had a 90-degree day full of sun and beers on patios (yup, there was a lot of sunburnt Portlanders around town the next day) and then Monday was 50 and rainy. After spending the weekend in Vegas (weekend recap to come!) in the sun and at the pool, I’m SO ready for summer. There are definitely a few things in particular I’m looking forward to:

Porch hangouts with good food, good friends, and mocktails and cocktails!

Nothing says summer more than sitting out in the sun with friends. Plus, barbecuing delicious food, sipping on refreshing drinks, absolute heaven.

We’ve had two members of our crew in the last year get pregnant, so we’ve gotten really creative with delicious mocktail recipes. What I’m excited to try this summer? Mixing fizzique Sparkling Protein Water with sparkling mineral water and fresh fruit. The beauty of this mixture? Not only is it refreshing in it’s effervescence, but it also contains a great burst of protein, perfect for between-meal-snack-prevention and post-sweat-sesh recovery.

For more mocktail / cocktail inspo with fizzique, check out Genevieve’s cook-a-long on Facebook!

Dry trails

We trail run year round here. But it can get wet and muddy during most of the year here. I love the way the forest looks in the winter: the perfect light from the bright grey clouds, misty clouds floating over the trees, bright green ferns and moss everywhere. But it can be a little treacherous to run on muddy trails. I love when the trails dry out, I can break out the shorts, and feel the sun coming through the trees.

One of the things I loved about training for Molalla last year was just getting on Wildwood (a 30+ mile trail in Forest Park in Portland) and letting my mind wander as the miles flew by. Before I knew it, I was getting in 7-10 mile runs multiple times a week. I’m excited to hopefully get back to that place soon!

Travel season

So I was in Vegas last weekend (recap to go live tomorrow!).

I leave Friday for a week in Italy. I’m so excited to get to explore Rome, see a little more of Naples than the port area, and hang out on the Amalfi Coast for a few days! The last time I was there my parents “picked me up” in Sevilla after studying abroad and we spent a week in Tuscany and a few days in Venice. So excited to return to this amazing place!

May 2009.

We’re in San Diego the last week of June for BlogFest. I’m excited to reunite with the Sweat Pink fam in San Diego this year!

Caitlin and I have our long-awaited trip to Norway at the end of July.

Is Norway ready for this jelly?!

And then Ella is getting married back in Breck at the end of August. After not being back since last February, I’m way overdue for a reunion visit. I’m so excited to be back in the town and mountains I love so much, celebrating one of my favorite people (and her soon-to-be husband 😉 ).

Jean shorts + Birks

Nicci and Jamie finally got me on the jean shorts train, and it’s fair to say I’m now all about it. I’m excited to be able to throw on shorts and Birks, after getting a little sun on my legs, of course, and be able to walk out the door! As much as I love boots and layers, the ease of dressing in the summer in unparalleled.





What are you most looking forward to this summer??

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by fizzique. All opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community.

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