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For years I’ve avoided the constraints of “real” clothes on a regular basis. Why stuff yourself into tight jeans, cram your feet into arch-killing heels, and prop your boobies up in a bra who’s underwire pokes your side all day? Hence my love affair with tight black pants and all things spandex. Good thing I’m a yoga instructor, a fitness junkie, and that leggings and boots are still in style, otherwise I’d be in trouble or just perpetually and tragically out of fashion.

CAUTION: the next statement is shocking!

I’ve recently been actually wearing jeans and real bras! Due in large part to my latest love: ThirdLove. Not only are the bras and undies super cute and comfortable (don’t worry, I’ll talk more about that in a minute), but this is a sign of a new wave of technology when it comes to the horrors of bra shopping. No more getting felt up by saleswomen with measuring tapes under florescent lighting. shudder… ThirdLove makes it easy to get your bra measurements and get straight to the fun part: shopping! After downloading the app on your iPhone, you take a picture of your ta-tas in a regular, non-push-up bra, in or out of a tank top. Your phone then magically spits out your sizing. Well, it’s magic to a technological luddite like myself. Read more about how it actually works here.

Now we get to the fun part: the goodies and the girlies! I was a skeptic. I’ve always reluctantly put on a real bra since discovering certain sports bras that aren’t super constricting and give me descent cleavage. I had a few real bras that were way too old, but I kept them in the event of emergencies, aka special occasions, hot dates, etc. But they were never my go-to. After unpacking my beautifully wrapped goodies from ThirdLove, I immediately tried my bras on. I was shocked! 

The 24/7 T-shirt Bra (I received it in nude) has become my go-to bra! It is ridiculously comfortable, fits me like a glove, supports my ladies without forming a uniboob or flattening them into a pancake, and is super cute! The nude makes it super versatile (attention ladies, don’t wear a white bra under a white shirt, seriously!) and the material along the straps is puckered. Such a cute detail! 

I also received the Lace Push-Up Bra in classic black. What girl doesn’t need a black lace push-up bra?! What I love about this one, other than it too being comfortable as well, is that it gives me a little oomph without being like haaaayyyy, if you know what I mean. I’m pretty curvy, so it can get a little cray with too much push-up. This bra is the perfect amount for me! 

Since moving to Portland, I’ve found myself wanting to make more of an effort with my style. In a ski town, people look at you funnily if you’re in jeans, boots, and a decent shirt. Hello fleece, flannel, and leggings at all times! But since moving to the city (leave off, I know it’s small but Portland is a city to me!), I’ve actually been wearing “real” clothes a lot more. I love how you can spruce up leggings and sports bras with the right tunic, boots, jewelry, jackets, and scarves. But with my ThirdLove, I’ve been kicking it up even more. I’ve found myself reaching for one of these two bras in my underwear drawer to even go to a coffee shop to work for a few hours. It’s amazing what it can do for your mentality! I feel more put together, sexier, girlier. 

It’s the last week of October. Um, when did that happen?! But October, other than being the month of amazing fall foliage, is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. Sweat Pink has joined ThirdLove’s #WeWearPink initiative. They’ve created a HOT pink version of the 24/7 T-shirt Bra, and are donating 20% of the sales of this bra to Breast Cancer Research from now until November 15th! Get your’s today here! You can also get $10 off an order of $50 with this code: TLVIPLW10. 

You can also join in on the #WeWearPink challenge! Follow these simple steps:

1. Follow @thirdlove on Instagram (which you should do regardless because their page is so pretty!)

2. Regram this image:

3. Instagram a selfie with something pink!

4. Tag @thirdlove #sweatpink and #WeWearPink.

To find out more about the challenge, click here. See you on Instagram!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by ThirdLove, but all opinions are my own. As a Sweat Pink ambassador and a ThirdLove ambassador, I was sent product to try and review. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community!

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