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I’m deciding that’s what it is. Even when you’re in a funk, when you don’t wanna, when looking at your to-do list makes you want to cry, when your neck keeps tweaking and twinging, when you’re just plain tired (all of which are true today), there are still things to celebrate. And what says celebrate more than a group jump? 😉

For starters: It’s National Donut Day! The reality is, donuts aren’t my favorite sweet treat. I’m not sure I’m really allowed to feel that way, considering I’m from the land of Krispy Kreme and live in the hometown of some of the most famous donuts ever. Regardless, it’s making for some festive Instagram scrolling today…

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And then, it’s Friday! It’s weird that I should feel so grateful that it’s Friday considering it was a short week this week. But I am. 5 days worth of things get crammed into 4, and I’m left feeling thrown off my game. So yay FriYAY!

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AND it’s June 1st! Aside from rent and all the bills due today, and the fact that I’m in boots and a sweater because it’s chilly again in Portland, there’s something so decidedly summery and energizing about knowing it’s June. Here come sunny days full of jean shorts and rosé, that lead into nights full of light until 10pm and, well, rosé.

The countdown to BlogFest in San Diego is real: T minus less than a month! This being my fourth year at BlogFest, I’m so stoked about getting to see all my #sweatpink loves and learn all the new blogging things and get my sweat on like woah. I’m extra excited that this year’s conference is in San Diego! This week I did a little research and asked some local friends about their favorite spots in the city, and I can’t wait to do as the whales do… (Check out what I found on the Fit Approach blog!)


This week marks feeling good running again! I’ve run decent distances with really no knee pain and moderate hip ache twice so far. I took advantage of the sunny holiday on Monday to get 8 miles in on the trails and Nic, Jamie, and I got a 10K in while repping Flex & Flow at NoPo Run Club on Wednesday. Next up: another road run run and Saturday Sweat bootcamp in the morning. Gonna be sore for sure (Robyn loves torturing our quads and glutes with squats!)…

I got some really solid girlfriend (and friend) time in this week, too. It all started with a huge picnic in the park on Sunday. Friends, puppies, babies, rosé, an amazing spread of food, and so much sunshine!

Jamie, Nic and I got our run in on Wednesday, and then hit up the #T9FitFest at title nine on Thursday, with Colby there for approval. Boob guys make for the best bra shopping companions. 😉

I got to chat with my loves from afar Caitlin, Ella, and Alyse. And tonight I’m getting all dolled up for my date night with my girlfriend Jenny. (She’s always so stylish, so I’m endeavoring to not arrive in yoga pants!)


Yes, there’s always some funkiness going on. But there’s also always awesome stuff going on. So I repeat, current mood:






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  1. Lol all those gifs are hilarious. So we totally missed Donut day, but made up for it on Saturday haha!
    Have fun at Blogfest! I went the first year but since we moved to Dallas I haven’t made it to another one yet. Maybe I can swing it next year though!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    1. haha thanks, I’m a big fan of hilarious and inappropriate gifs! 😉 Bummed you won’t be able to make BlogFest – next year for sure! And glad you got your donut in regardless of the official holiday date… 🙂

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