Namaste and Sparkling Rosé

When Friday rolls around, there’s a magic in the air. You feel me?



Weekend vibes are an interesting thing for me. There’s just so much to do, how do you decide?

Do you relax and rest? Catch up on sleep, binge a show on Netflix, get a massage?

Do you head out of town for adventures? Get up early and hit the trails for a day-long hike, pick somewhere fun for a weekend getaway?

Do you choose to be a social butterfly with all of your friends? Brunch dates, see a show and grab late night drinks afterwards?

Not to mention the actual adulting that needs to happen, like lawn work. Blech.

Weekends are just too damn short, amiright? Sometimes you do absolutely devote a weekend to something. But sometimes it is possible to do it all!

I talk a lot about my first summer here in Portland. Caitlin and I were just developing our friendship and had weekends generally wide open. We found a wonderful rhythm that took us through most of the summer:

Saturday morning: explore. We’d rise and shine with the dawn and head out of town to the mountains for a long hike.

At the top of Black Butte.

The more we hiked, the further we needed to expand our adventures to reach uncharted trails. So we’d drive for up to 2-3 hours, hike for the bulk of the day, and then head back to town.

At the top of Tom, Dick, and Harry.
Crater Lake.

Saturday afternoon: grub. Most of the time we’d arrive back in town dirty and starving. So we’d clean up and head out to get some delicious food. That first summer we found ourselves making a culinary tour around Portland, hitting all of the highlights.

Oven + Shaker.

Saturday night: music. After dinner we’d grab a drink and then catch a show or go dancing. 

At Secret Society after dinner at Ox and before seeing Houndmouth at Wonder Ballroom.
Soul night at Goodfoot.

Sunday morning: We’d let ourselves sleep in a little more, and then head into the Gorge for a tried-and-true hike.

Wahkeena Falls.

Sunday afternoon: coffee. After getting our hike in, we’d clean up and walk over to our coffee shop to sip on lattes and work or read the afternoon away.

Sunday evening: bowl of yummy. After caffeinating, we’d walk down Hawthorne to one of our favorite food trucks for a rice and tofu bowl.

Carte Blanche.

And then home for some vegging.

Roommate movie night.

We adventured, socialized, AND self-cared. And that was our standard weekend!

Flash forward a couple of years. That summer of exploration seems like a long time ago, with new jobs that kept us on the move more, but we found a similar rhythm.

Saturday morning: run + yoga

Saturday night: friends + fun

Sunday morning: yoga

Sunday evening: Netflix + couch sitting (+ dancing in the house)

Yes, Caitlin and I had an absolutely blast living together. Watch more of our shenanigans on my Instagram “Caitlin” and “End of an Era” highlight Stories. 

One thing I’ve learned about myself: I like to be productive in the morning so that I can chill and have fun in the afternoon and evening. All of my weekends involve getting up and out right away to hike, run, ski, and yoga. That allows me all the freedom in the world in the afternoon and night for plans with friends or to lounge on the couch.

It’s all about that balance. I truly believe a happy life is a balanced life, trying to find a little bit of everything. It’s one of the reasons I’m loving the new athleisure line from FIT & Flirty – a whole line of tanks that promote the inclusion of fun (ahem, champagne) in a fit and active lifestyle.

*BONUS! Champagne can actually be considered a healthy addition to your diet!

So I am all about my new tank from FIT & Flirty! It is SUPER cozy, the perfect cut, and features the ideal saying for what my weekends are all about: Sundays are all about namaste and sparkling rosé. 

We make sure to cheers, adventure, and have a good time.

But also to rest, relax, and decompress.

Want to rock a #ChampagneandGainz top too? You can! They just launched TODAY, and there are some awesome deals:

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How do you have all the weekend fun?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by FIT & Flirty. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community. 

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