Friday 5: #howIroll into an active vacation!

Trigger Point asks us today for their #howIroll challenge to name 5 things that are essential for fitness events or vacations (or race days). This is pretty perfect timing as we’re just two short weeks away from BlogFest, our annual conference within IDEA World. So we’re in big-time prep mode and the question has already been asked: what do I bring?

  1. Workout Clothes – This one might be a big duh, but it needs to be said. I’ve definitely come to love running and working out in shorts again! Love getting some sunshine on my legs, and the breathability when it’s hot and sweaty outside feels amazing. Leggings are definitely mandatory for me, too, though. I love the compression while working out. It also can get cold in convention centers. So even though it might be sweltering outside in LA, we might be pretty chilly inside during the conference. I love pants like lululemon’s All the Right Places because they have pockets on the sides that perfectly fit my phone! Super key ingredient for a social media fitness conference.
  2. Versatile Clothes – I love clothes that can work in more than one way. Hence why I’m pretty much always decked out in yoga clothes. You can layer boots over leggings and a sweater over a workout tank, and be good to go! Pretty much every vacation for me involved some sort of active component, and I try to pack as lightly as possible (yay for only having a carry-on for my week at the beach last month!). So items that can be worn multiple ways are super important. Plus, they are easy to wash while traveling and quick drying! My latest favorite is lululemon’s Fast Lane Singlet.
  3. A light jacket – It can get so cold in airports, restaurants, and convention centers. Plus, at BlogFest, we’ll be sweating off and on all day. It can get cold as your sweat dries! I always travel with a light jacket! I’ll be rocking my “Sweat Pink” Cory Vines jacket at BlogFest again this year!
  4. Snacks – When going all day at BlogFest, hiking, traveling, hanging at the beach all day, having healthy and fueling snacks is mandatory! I try to always have a larabar with me at all times (chocolate peanut butter, always!). This year I’ll also be toting around packets of protein powder from Bob’s Red Mill and Amazing Grass. So delicious!
  5. Rolling ball – My dad used to carry a foam roller with him when we traveled. Literally, a huge roller! Now I totally get it though! It feels so good to loosen up your muscles after travel and activity. Luckily you can take roller balls with you rather than packing a full-sized roller, like this one from Trigger Point. They also make mini rollers that are perfect for travel!

BONUS: I feel like I always have to toss a bikini in on a trip. When you’re going skiing, there are hot tubs. When you’re going to the coast, there’s the beach. Bikinis take up pretty much negative packing space, so there’s no reason not to toss one in for good measure! I love this new top from lululemon and Citrine Swim is one of my all time favorites for mix and matching with their cute, comfortable, and functional styles!

What are your 5 favorite things to pack for a race or active vacation? Join the conversation on Instagram with @FitApproach and @tp_therapy! #howIroll #sweatpink #TriggerPoint

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Trigger Point. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community. 

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