Home is where you lay your head at night

The past months have been B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

When you travel a lot, whether for work, pleasure, or necessity, you start calling wherever you’re going to sleep that night “home.” For me this summer, I said “home” a lot. Home the beach where my parents are. Home Asheville, my hometown where my childhood house is. Home Portland. (In my defense, I guess I do have a lot of places I legitimately call home. I even think of Breckenridge as a sort of home still.)

I slept in 15 different beds in three months. (And not in a sexytimes kind of way.)

  1. Portland – my bed
  2. Rochester – at my friend’s house for her wedding
  3. Chapel Hill – hotel while we visited my dad in the hospital
  4. Wrightsville Beach – in what’s normally my parent’s bed at our house
  5. Chapel Hill – different hotel when my dad got discharged from the hospital but couldn’t go home yet. (Started on the pull out couch, but ouch! Moved to the bed with my mom.)
  6. Wrightsville Beach – in our friend’s guest room
  7. Chapel Hill – back to the hotel with my parents
  8. Wrightsville Beach – on the futon at our friend’s house
  9. Vegas – hotel
  10. Portland – my bed
  11. Ashland – hotel (and Nicci and Abbie snuggles!)
  12. Tahoe – guest room at Alyse’s house (and Nicci and Abbie snuggles!)
  13. Berkeley – air mattress (and Nicci snuggles!)
  14. Portland – my bed
  15. Wrightsville Beach – in what’s normally our friend’s bed at her beach house
  16. Asheville – my childhood bed
  17. Wrightsville Beach – my bed back at my parent’s house
  18. Portland – my bed

As much as I traded beds (and other sleeping surfaces) over the summer, my schedule changed just as much. Though I continued to develop some sense of schedule, by necessity.

Through our partnership with Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water and their Sparkling Detox challenge, I hosted a few “a day in the life” takeovers on Instagram Stories. As we’re wrapping up the campaign, it’s fun to look back at my days in my various “homes” over the summer.

A day in the life: Portland

I usually start my day with some yoga.

And then it’s off to a coffee shop to GSD.

I like scheduling my errands and appointments late morning so I get a break and can move around.

Off to Forest Park for an afternoon trail run!

And ending the day the way I started it: yoga with my loves.

A day in the life: Asheville

My days in my hometown vary. I usually run round the lake in my neighborhood, take class at my yoga studio, pop by some of my favorite shops, and try to see some old friends. This past time I was home was extra special because I was there for a wedding of one of my oldest friends!

A day in the life: Wrightsville Beach

In the dog days of summer when I’m home in the South, I try to run first thing in the morning before it gets too hot.

Post run, I have breakfast and watch Morning Joe with my parents, have meetings, and GSD some work.

My mom and I head to the beach for a few hours. We read, walk, swim, do yoga, and sometimes nap in the sun. Under normal circumstances, my dad joins, too, but right now it’s when he takes a nice long nap.

After a few hours at the beach, we’ll come in for lunch. And Tori snuggles.

The afternoons are spent running errands, napping, reading, and otherwise avoiding the hottest part of the day. I’ll post up for a while and bang a bunch of work out.

I like squeezing in another sweaty activity in the evening. Most of the time that’s a walk on the beach. But sometimes I need a quick and hard sweat: enter HIIT & Flow!

We normally eat dinner out on the deck with the sunset, but my dad can’t be outside without his mask yet. So this summer we enjoyed a glass of wine with those glorious colors in the sky, and then came in for dinner and a movie.

I’m back home in Portland now and I can’t wait to get back into my routine!! 

Thanks Gerolsteiner for the support in finding routine amidst the chaos. 

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