Remembering Adventures Fondly and Sparkling-ly #SparklingDetox


an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

I love my days of adventure! What I love even more is that this can encompass so many different activities. Hiking, skiing, traveling, reading on the beach, trying a new coffee shop. It can be the obvious backpacking-through-Europe and hiking to the top of the mountain, or a reservation at the adventurous new Russian restaurant that is taking over the town!


Today I’m throwing it back to a recent day of adventure I had with two of my favorite partners-in-crime: my parents! They were in town visiting from North Carolina, so we tried to fit as much into their visit here as physically possible (yes, they’re absolutely where I get my crazy-jam-packed-high-energy schedule from). So for their first full day in Portland, we set out to do all the fun summertime things. Gerolsteiner and Snapchat (I’m @lizwilson0406) followed along on all the adventures!

To kick the day off, I had an early morning meeting down at the store.


After two hours of housekeeping and goal setting, I picked up the parentals to head out to the woods. We made sure to pick up some coffee along the way!


I decided to take my parents to Mirror Lake. I’d hiked Tom Dick & Harry (the peak above the lake) once last year, and have passed this trailhead numerous times on the way to my skinning route over the past winter. It’s a relatively easy 2 mile loop around Mirror Lake. The highlight of this hike is the mirror-esque reflection of a snow-capped Mt Hood. Absolutely stunning!

gerolblog3 gerolblog4

We hit the road after the hike and headed immediately to Janzten Beach for paddle boarding. We paddled up river and posted up on the beach for some yoga and dance party action.


After a quick shower…


And costume change…


We headed downtown for dinner at superbite, a new restaurant in town. I’ve had a superb small bite (#seewhatididthere) there before, but was blown away by dinner! So delicious!


To keep me hydrated on such a busy, and sweat-filled day, I made sure to bring along plenty of bottles of Gerolsteiner, my new favorite sparkling mineral water. Last week was HOT HOT HOT in Portland (as in, it hit over 100 in the city a few days in a row). So staying hydrated is absolutely key for keeping up with my busy, active, and sweaty schedule.

It was a full 16-hour day of activity, adventure, and fun. I can firmly attribute some of the bubbly success of the adventures to my constant bubble intake throughout the day. Gerolsteiner, gathered from 200 meters deep, has the perfect fresh water taste with the perfect amount of bubbles that keeps it refreshing while allowing me to chug water after sweating my way through an activity. It’s rich in magnesium, which is key for the body’s metabolism, muscle function, and nervous system. Haven’t tried it yet? Join in on Gerolsteiner’s #SparklingDetox challenge. The challenge is to drink only Gerolsteiner Mineral Water from September 12-16, and that’s it! Join the Facebook group for more details. They even have a giveaway, where 300 lucky winners can win their own supply of Gerolsteiner for the Sparkling Detox Challenge. This giveaway ends TODAY August 31. So enter here for a chance to win.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Gerolsteiner. All opinions expressed are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community. 

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