36 Hours in Seattle

I couldn’t say when the last time was that I ran an official race. So when we got invited to join in on the initial 5k for the United Relay, we jumped at the chance! Literally…


The race was at 6pm on Wednesday in Seattle. That means… faux weekend road trip with the girls! Jamie, Nicci, Jessica, Cindy, Abbie, and I all piled into my car and headed north for 36 hours (well, closer to 24, but 36 sounds better…) of laughter, girltalk, wine, fries, rosé (because rosé deserves specification), sweaty hugs, handstands, and, of course, running!


We checked into our amazing Airbnb, appropriately named the Zen Den, and then went to lunch at Both Ways Cafe. Yes, the roasted veggie and gruyere sandwich was as amazing as it sounds. Fueled up to run, we headed back to the house to charge up our Aftershokz headphones, have a dance party, and hydrate up with Core!

How cool is it that we’re dancing together to our separate playlists using our Aftershokz headphones?! Find CORE Organic at a store near you here, including 7-11 **(link: http://bit.ly/findorganic)

And off to the start line we went, decked out head to toe in Sweat Pink gear! We met up with some of our amazing Sweat Pink ladies: Trisha (@acoupleofdashes), Sarah (@sweetblondesfitlife), Carleeh (@mamarazza), and Kusum (@sveeteskapes). AND one of my friends from waaaayy back who lives in Seattle now joined us, too, with some of her PNW crew in tow! The Aftershokz and United Relay crews were awesome at firing us up for the start of what is going to be running history! Sarah and I partnered up for the race and got to catch up in between huffs and puffs. I even got to carry the baton for the first half!


We hung around in the park for quite a while after we crossed the finish line. We cheered on the next stage runner as he set off (as the first to finish the first stage, Jamie got to pass the baton off!), chit chatted, and took all the pictures!


The rest of the evening was filled with all the laughter and wine and girlfriends! And of course some french fries and cheese.


I was gently awoken in the morning by puppy snuggles (no better way to wake up in the world!). And then it was off to Empire Espresso to obtain our first caffeine roadie (new term I’m obsessed with from Jamie!) of the day.


The rest of the morning was spent doing three of my favorite things:

1.#stopdropandyoga with street art









2. Breakfast at The London Plane

Curried avocado toast with cabbage, cilantro, and radishes. Yeah, total yum!

3. Walking and yoga along the waterfront

13062866_10156802099655398_8373925775611049036_o 13119961_10156802176975398_2965021572602411429_o

Now back in Portland, I’m officially obsessed with my Aftershokz headphones, y’all! Earbuds don’t fit well in my ears, they block sound out so I end up shoving one bud in my bra so I can hear my surroundings, and they fall out. Plus they get, well, yucky. My Trekz Titanium Aftershokz use bluetooth, so there’s no wire to get caught in my necklace. They use bone conduction technology and rest on the outside of my ear. That way I can still hear my surroundings while jamming. Safety first!


What an absolutely incredibly faux weekend! Girlfriends time, running, wine, explorations, jamz (yeah, with a “z”), coffee, good eats… What more could a girl ask for?!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Aftershokz and Core. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate the brands that support the Sweat Pink community! 

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