Keep Calm and Sparkle On

Gerolsteiner’s Sparkling Detox starts today! From September 12-16, Gerolsteiner is challenging us to drink only their sparkling mineral water.

This challenge couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Things have never been busier. “Crazy!” is not a new response from me to the question “How are things?” This I know. But seriously things are at an all-time level of craziness right now. Paired with the funky weather shift we were having in Portland, and I’m left feeling run down and borderline sick for well over a week now.

I’m most nervous about having to give up coffee during the challenge. It’s the secret sauce to getting through a long, hectic day. Which are most of my days right now. But this coincides with a necessary movement in my life to calm the eff down more. According to my chiropractor, most of my physical tension and ongoing rib / back / neck pain comes from tension and stress. So efforts are renewed to… what, exactly?

Get more sleep. Most nights I find myself up way too late. Sometimes it’s working. (I find I get a burst of motivation and creativity around 9-10pm that lasts a couple of hours.) Sometimes I’m out and about. (I actually prefer going out on weeknights. Then it takes the pressure off weekends! And many shows end up coming to Portland on weekdays.) A lot of times I’m reading or watching a movie with my roommate. Here’s the kicker- it’s usually something I’ve read or seen before. The theory of that being I can work while the movie is playing in the background and easily put my book down to go to sleep. But it never happens. Come bedtime for the last two nights, I fought sleep in order to stay awake to read a book that I’ve already read. So, my goals for tonight are: Read. Turn Kindle off after 30 minutes. Don’t check Instagram. Turn light off. Close eyes.


Yin activities. I NEED more yin in my life. I tend to be very yang driven in my activities, meaning fiery, hardcore, pushpushpush. Running, power vinyasa, skiing, it all serves as my moving meditation. But I need to balance it with more yin. Yes, yin yoga, but even active restoration, stretching while watching TV, body rolling, meditation. Activities during which I can allow my body to fully release and my stress to dissipate. Be proud, Dr Terry; I rolled around on the floor with my foam roller and lacrosse ball the other night all over my quads and shoulders for close to an hour!

Snuggling with the yin-and-yang pups totally counts as relaxing!
More legs-up-the-wall kind of yoga in my future!

Drink more water. Everyone could always drink more water! I find this especially true for me right now. I’m reaching more for my cup of coffee than for my water bottle throughout the day, and then wonder why my body struggles during workouts or why I’m not feeling well.


More water, less coffee!
More water, less coffee!

Let’s get even more specific with that last one. Now why should I make an effort to drink more mineral water? To be labeled “mineral water” is an exacting process in and of itself. To receive that seal of authenticity for a strictly regulated product requires that the water be extracted and bottled in its “pure form” at the site of the spring. No two mineral waters are the same. Over time precipitation dribbles down through bedrock into a deep underground aquifer, as pressure builds up in the aquifer so that eventually the water emerges on the earth’s surface. The composition of bedrock differs from region to region and determines the taste of the mineral water. Gerolsteiner has the perfect combination of calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. It tastes fresh and … sparkly!

All it takes is 5 days! It doesn’t have to be that hard to start a good habit. I mean, not drinking coffee will be pretty difficult, not gonna lie. (Thank goodness for our support group!) But making an effort to drink more water is an easy one. It’s a small habit (seriously, I just reach my hand a little to the left past my coffee cup) and one that is so good for your body. Join the #SparklingDetox challenge with Gerolsteiner to improve your lifestyle, too!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Gerolsteiner. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all of the brands that support the Sweat Pink community!

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